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Egypt 5m carmine UPU Post Card to the wife of Col. Caulfield, Up Park Camp, Jamaica pmk'd ALEXANDRIE 16 XI 93 with London NO 22 93, Kingston and UP-PARK-CAMP DE 8 93 arrivals, cross written message.

GB 1d carmine UPU Post Card to Col. Caulfield, 2 West Indies Regiment, Kingston pmk'd London JU 7 92 with Kingston and UP-PARK-CAMP 24 JU 92 arrivals, printed reverse re cargo sent by S.S. Derwent.

1886 underpaid printed return cover with Jamaica QV 4d tied Kingston MR 23 86 sqc to New York collecting tax and 16 Cents charge handstamps, on arrival pre-cancelled in blue ink U.S. 2 x 3c, 10c Postage Dues added.

ADEN postmark/cancel on CEYLON stamp
(SQC) FE 7 95 on QV 30c (SG.247).

TRANSVAAL postal history to JAVA, Nederland Indies
1896 cover with d, 2d pmk'd Pretoria 30 JAN 96 to Bandoeng, Java forwarded Willerrede, handstruck RANTJA EKET village str. line, b/stamped BATAVIA 24 3 1896 d/ring, TJIANDJOER 24 3 1896 d/ring, BANDOENG 25 3 1896 d/ring.

SMITSDORP, Transvaal postmark/cancel
(SQC) 5 AUG 1895 on 2d (SG.178).

SIBI, India postmark/cancel
(SQC) 23 JA 94 on QV 3a.

QUETTA CANT., India postmark/cancel
(SQC) 30 DE 03 on QV 1a.

CHIROMO, British Central Africa postmark/cancel
(D5) JA 23 07 on KE7 1d (SG.59).

UMTATA, Cape of Good Hope postmark/cancel
(SQC) D/AP 13 91 on 1d (SG.59a).

JOHANNESBURG, Transvaal postmark/cancel
(Putzel No.2x) 25 FEB 1892 on 2d (SG.178) fragment.

JOHANNESBURG, Transvaal postmark/cancel
(Putzel No.3) D/AP 20 93 on 2d on 1/- (SG.198).

MORPHOU, Cyprus postmark/cancel
(T.4) dated A/MR 15 86 on QV d (SG.16a).

MORPHOU, Cyprus postmark/cancel
(T.4) dated A/SP 9 95 on QV d (SG.31).

CHRISTIANA, Transvaal postmark/cancel
(SQC) 27 NOV 92 on 6d (SG.182).

EAST LONDON, Cape of Good Hope postmark/cancel
(SQC) G/OC 9 99 on 2d (SG.63).

WELLINGTON, Cape of Good Hope postmark/cancel
(SQC) C/JY 23 01 on 2d (SG.63a).

CLAREMONT, Cape of Good Hope postmark/cancel
(SQC) H/AU 9 98 on 2d (SG.63a).

SAPELE, Niger Coast postmark/cancel
(T.2) A/OC 12 96 on QV 2d lake.

LIMASSOL, Cyprus postmark/cancel
(SQC) in blue ink dated C/SP 19 02 on QV 1pi (SG.42).
Not soaked off paper as coloured ink might be unstable.
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