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VREED-EN-HOOP, British Guiana
1927 use of KGV 2c PSRE with added 2 x KGV 2c pmk'd */15 OC 27 to The Hague, Holland, and ppc of the village with 2c pmk'd Georgetown 25 APR 01 to Nimes, France.

PUNTA GORDA "From Air by Rev. Hugh Warren"
Black & white Post Card with pencil annotations "Taken by plane, blurring due to vibration" and "when flying back to Belize".

R.M.S. LADY DRAKE, British Guiana and Trinidad postal history
"On the road, Georgetown, Demerara" ppc with Br. Guiana 3c, 12c off-loaded with PAQUEBOT TRINIDAD FE 2 37 d/rings.
Text reads "Half the people are blacks & half Indians (Hindus) - The Indians are surly, & the blacks cheerful - You call them "coloured gentlemen" - Nigger is a term not allowed".

tying KE7 1d on b/w ppc pmk'd GOVERNORS HARBOUR 2 DEC 05. Indistinct strike but find another on entire!

MONKEY RIVER, British Honduras postal history
1919 pencil addressed col. ppc of East Indian Coolie Hut to Government House, Belize with KGV 3c WAR affixed pmk'd MONKEY RIVER sideways down C/MR 5 19 cds.

O.A.T. F.S. BERMUDA to HUNGARY postal history
1965 col. ppc of "A Bermuda Home and Garden" to Budapest, Hungary with QE2 9d tied Hamilton 12 MCH 1965 machine, boxed purple "O.A.T./F.S." added during London transit.

BERMUDA postal history
1906 b/w ppc of "Pirate Rock" to Birmingham, England with 1d Dock tied Hamilton AP 19 1906 with SHIP LETTER LONDON C/MY 4 06 arrival alongside.

A Fashionable Wedding, Leeward Islands (Antigua) postal history
B/w ppc written "Buxton Grove Dec 21 1911" to Nazareth, Pennsylvania, USA with Leeward Islands KE7 1d tied small portion OFFICIAL PAID, ANTIGUA cds dated (DE) 21 11.
Part of sender's text reads "Can you find the Rev. J.A. Sergeant on the picture? It's a Greenbay wedding".

VANTS DRIFT self-printed Post Card, Natal postal history
1904 chrome photo of the Vants Drift Hotel & Store from Austin to Miss Gearing, Brighton, England with KE7 1d pmk'd VANTS DRIFT C/JA 30 1904, text includes "I will print some different ones for you all next week".

1907 b/w ppc of Royal Palms marked "Per S.S. Bermudian via New York" to Lindsay Smith, Grand Turk, Turks Islands with 1d Dock pmk'd WARWICK-WEST FE 18 1907 with TURKS ISLANDS FE 21 07 arrival cds alongside.

ST. VINCENT postal history re-posted at PLYMOUTH (Devon)
1906 b/w ppc of Kingstown to Plymouth with KE7 1d pmk'd Kingstown C/DE 24 06, on arrival re-addressed to Newport, Lincoln with GB KE7 d pmk'd Plymouth JA 7 07 d/ring.

ATLANTIS HOTEL, BATHSHEBA COAST, Barbados postal history
coloured ppc showing the railway line mailed with 1d Badge to Huddersfield pmk'd GPO 12 JA 26 cds.

Unused b/w ppc.
Size only 50 x 30 metres.

BARBADOS railway
Coloured ppc "Barbados Light Railway at Bathsheba", unused (55504).

BAHAMAS postal history
1909 destruction by earthquake of Myrtle Bank Hotel, Jamaica Post Card to Irvington, N.J. with KE7 1d tied purple Hamburg-American Line/Atlas Service PRINZ AUGUST WILHELM d/ring oval dated APR 15 1909, Pitch Lake, Trinidad sticker added by sender.

1232 used UPPER MAITLAND, Cape of Good Hope postal history
dated B/AU 9 05 on pair KE7 d affixed b/w ppc of "Silver leaf trees on Devils Peak" to Warwick, England showing MAITLAND transit, some toning.

POA 36, Natal postal history
on QV d x 3, QV 1d cover to Mrs. J. Coltman L.D.S., Heaton, Newcastle, reverse m/script "E.S. Bicycle" on flap plus GPO 18 SP 97 despatch and C/OC 11 97 arrival, toning.

MAPUMULO, Natal postal history
(M.2) JY 29 08 tying KE7 1d on Rhodesia ppc to Switzerland.

POA 57, Natal postal history
tying KE7 d on NORWEGIAN col. ppc of the future King Haakon VII and Queen Maud (coronation 22 June 1906) addressed Stanger showing Pietersmaritzburg FE 15 06 transit, text includes the word "Eshowe".
The Norwegian Missionary Society founded its first permanent mission station north of the Tugela in the 1840s.

POA 64, Natal postal history
Cape Gov't Railways col. ppc headed "Subeni, Zululand" mailed with pair KE7 d to Abbey Wood, Kent, alongside VRYHEID AU 21 09 d/ring.
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