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1848 entire headed "Grenada 28th June 1848) and marked "p. Palestine" from Ousley (usually a surname) Rowley to James Rose, Edinburgh rated "8" landed with (London) SHIP-LETTER, AP 28 and AP 29 1848 arrivals.

GRENADA sans-serif dbl-arc (only 4 known)
(T.8) part contents wrapper to Major General Sir Robert Houston KGB in Clerkington, near Haddington rated 1/-, top flap displays GRENADA AU 27 1850 without code dbl-arc, London SP 19 and blue Haddington SP 20 arrivals. The other three examples are dated AU 9 1847 without code, NO 7 1848/A, and MR 10 1849/A, the instrument was sent out from GPO, London MY 1 1847 during the lifetime of Type A11 so clearly a separate duty was planned. These intermittent strikes came during the life of the GRENADA serifed dbl-arc (Type A11 proofed GPO London AP 5 1844) recorded period JY 25 1844 to OC 29 1857 and as a backstamp on early GB used Grenada entires.
Major General Sir Robert Houston KGB (1780-1862) was a British military officer in the service of the East India Company, the fifth son of Andrew Houston, a wealthy Scottish banker and merchant in the West Indies.

GRENADA sans-serif dbl-arc (only 4 known)
(T.8) small cover to Thomas Rankin, Edinburgh rated 1/-, reverse GRENADA MR 10 1849/A despatch and AP 9 (London) and AP 10 arrivals. Ex RUSSELL JONES (estimated £800).
The other three examples are dated AU 9 1847 without code, NO 7 1848/A, AU 27 1850 without code, the instrument was sent out from GPO, London MY 1 1847 during the lifetime of Type A11 so clearly a separate duty was planned. These intermittent strikes came during the life of the GRENADA serifed dbl-arc (Type A11 proofed GPO London AP 5 1844) recorded period JY 25 1844 to OC 29 1857 and as a backstamp on early GB used Grenada entires.

OLD HARBOUR (arrival), Jamaica postal history
1846 wrapper b/stamped Liverpool NO 16 and London NO 17 to Low Ground Estate, Old Harbour, Jamaica rated 1/2 with OLD HARBOUR DE 17 1846 arrival dbl-arc, forwarded to Chapelton P.O. and re-rated 1/6 unpaid to show inland charge, some soiling and creasing etc.
Liverpool 13 Nov, Southampton RMSP Severn 17 Nov, Grenada 10/11 Dec, RMSP Medway Grenada 7/10 Dec, Jacmel 14 Dec, Jamaica 15/17 Dec.

GOVERNMENT HOUSE, Bahamas postal history
1823 entire (3 lengthy pages of text) headed "Government House, Bahamas 20th July 1823" written by John Irving and carried privately (smuggled) to Edinburgh, no postal markings, some soiling.

PRIVATE SHIP LETTER landed LE HAVRE and LONDON, Brazil postal history
1837 outer wrapper (with written list of produce on reverse) docketted "Buenos Ayres 9 Nov, received 7 Feb" marked "p. Phoenix via Havre" to Huth & Co., London with boxed "PAYS D'OUTREMAR/PAR LE HAVRE" and upper flap displaying red ink SHIP LETTER/(crown)/LONDON dated 7 FE 1838, a rare combination.

1848 (DEC 31) Report of the Religious State of The Societies in the First Eleuthera Circuit with sections showing changes at Rock Sound, Tarpum Bay, Savannah Sound, Pear Cay, and Deep Creek with total membership in the Circuit of 534 addressed to the Wesleyan Mission, London rated 1/- showing on top flap poor BAHAMAS MR 29 1849/B dbl-arc and London AP 24 1849 receiver.

1816 entire headed "Bordeaux le 28 Avril 1816" carried privately to St. Pierre, Martinique and then sent on to Monsieur Ribadieu, La Suffriere, Ile Ste Lucie, no postal markings.

SPANISH TOWN, Jamaica postal history
1814 entire written both FE 13 and MR 14 and marked "p. Sandwich packet" to William Cruikshank, Arbroath, North Britain rated 2/7 with SPANISH TOWN/JA struck across reverse join, Scottish toll applied.

"On board ye Hector of Montserratt" landed ANTIGUA straight line
1792 cover headed "On board ye Hector of Montserratt Nov.22 1792" to Mrs. Cockin in Bristol rated 1/2 changed 1/5 landed after lengthy journey with Capt. Ronaldson with ANTIGUA str. line, JA 2 1793 arrival.

Mail to the former ACTING GOVERNOR of BRITISH EAST FLORIDA (1763-84) from educated negro slave
Entire from Nassau, Bahamas June 22nd 1795 to John Moultrie, London with salutation “My Dear Master” and “deliver’d by Doctor Bailey who was on your plantation since we left St. Augustine” and “my kind love to Mistress Sally” signed "Your ever faithfull servant Quamino”. Moultrie was a planter who moved his 200 slaves from South Carolina to St. Augustine in 1771 having been appointed acting lieutenant governor. When England handed over Florida to Spain in July 1784 Moultrie sailed to England and lived at Aston Hall, Shropshire.

Entire written Glasgow 17th Oct. 1812 to Kingston, Jamaica rated 4/10 and docketed “per Nymph packet” and 15 Jan. 1813 arrival. Contents include mention of Patterns of Seersuckers and Pullicatures (fabrics) by the Monarch which will sail tomorrow, and showing the symbols of the shipper’s marking for cargoes by the Emerald, Jenny, Monarch, Stranger, Flussan, and by the Eliza.

ESCAPE BY ROYAL MAIL STEAMER, St. Vincent postal history
Wrapper with ST. VINCENT dbl-arc JY 25 1846 carried by “Eagle” to St. Thomas (JY 29) and by “Teviot” to Fayal in the Azores (AU 13) with 6 or 7 days prior arrival at Southampton and London (AU 20) as diverted for an unscheduled stop at Madeira, as on AU 9 1846 an enraged mob of islanders broke into the house of a British missionary who had practised on the island of Madeira for several years. They ransacked his property and proceeded to burn his books, prints, medicines and other possessions. The doctor was absent, having fled the previous night, forewarned of the impending outrage. The doctor was sheltering briefly with a friend, and managed to slip aboard a Royal Mail Steamer in Funchal Bay and left Madeira, never to return.

WRECK of the Private Ship "ROBERT" at Egg Island, Bahamas, journey continued by "Lord Eldon"
A newly discovered wreck entire written "Nassau 11 Dec 1816" marked "Robert" changed "Lord Eldon" to Glasgow landed with PORTSMOUTH/SHIP LETTER rated 1/4 and 1/6 with poor boxed Scottish wheel tax "½", two chisel slits, rarely found on Private Ship Letters from the BWI, struck from reverse (about 1½ inches or 1 6/16th inches or 17mm) with (London) 13 FE 13 1817 b/stamp, Glasgow 16 FEB receiver above address panel.
Robert entered Lloyd's Register in 1815 as an American prize. Until 1822 the brig was a West Indiaman based in Liverpool and sailing to the Bahamas or Havana. Lloyd's List reported (FE 2 1817) that the "Robert", Wilkes, master, had been sailing from New Providence to Liverpool when she struck a reef off Egg Island, Bahamas, and had to put back for repairs.

Full content entire written Berbice April 1, 1836 "p. Apollo" to London rated 1/4 landed SHIP LETTER/DOVER, JU 11 1836 arrival.

ANTIGUA postal history
1841 lengthy written entire about Estate matters headed "Antigua 6th December 1841" to Robert Sutton, East Bilney, Norfolk rated 1/- (quarter ounce) showing ANTIGUA DE 6 1841 on lower flap, DEREHAM JA 23 1842 above address panel, and London JA 21 1842 on top flap.
The quarter ounce rate was period JA 1 1840 to DE 31 1841 and most of the known correspondence has the ANTIGUA fleuron. Only one other ANTIGUA dbl-arc entire is currently recorded for the 1/- quarter ounce period (dated OC 6 1841).

"Grace Worthington" (immigrant ship), British Honduras postal history
1867 entire headed "Belise Jany 10 1866" (sic) from B. Cramer to New York marked p. "Grace Worthington" showing handstruck "SHIP6" and NEWPORT FEB 5 67 landing, docketing dated 1867.
Contents include "your favor of 15 August which only came to hand a short time ago, the Cleaver having been detained at the Bahamas on Account of an Accident she met with during the Gale in August last.".... and "With regard to your remarks about the short comings of the Editor of the "Colonist" nothing can be done, the paper not being issued any longer, as the Editor and Proprietor is supposed to have fallen in a late engagement with the Indians."

BRITISH HONDURAS postal history
1861 entire to John Jeffrey & Co, Brewers, Edinburgh with red BELIZE PAID dated C/FE 16 61 rated red "5", reverse Edinburgh Z/MR 17 61 arrival.
Contents include "a parcel of beer per "Viceroy" has just come to hand, and we anticipate a speedy sale for it".

1868 cover to Dublin, Ireland with red BELIZE PAID dated A/NO 3 68 showing London 24 NO 68 transit, reverse H&K PACT NO 24 1868, some light staining.

BELIZE via HAVANA to CADIZ, SPAIN, British Honduras postal history
1842 entire headed "Belize Honduras 13 April 1842" carried privately to Havana where identified with red 2-line ISLAS DE/BARLOVENTO (Windward Islands) and marked by forwarding agent in Havana as received AP 19 and sent AP 23, red handstruck "5R" charge mark.
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