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FORCET(T), Tasmania postmark/cancel
(T.1, last "T" excised) DE 21 10 on 1d Pictorial.

BLOEMFONTEIN (O.R.C. excised) "4" at base, ORC postmark on TVL stamps
(Putzel 110) interprovincial dated 17 OC 11 on pair TV KE7 1d (SG.274).

CALABAR, Southern Nigeria postmark
(T.3A, "OLD" excised) A/AP 4 06 on KE7 2d (SG.23).

CALABAR, Southern Nigeria postmark
(T.3A, "OLD" excised) A/AP 27 06 on KE7 1d (SG.22), corner perf. fault.
Dented rim above "C"

Unknown location postmark on Northern Nigeria stamps
dated JU -- 1914 on horiz. strip of three KGV 1d (SG.2) piece.
Proud unlisted, possible excised instrument used for emergency purposes.

SCOTTSDALE (WEST removed), Tasmania postmark
(T.1 ii) NO 30 12 on 1d on 2d View.

KING'(S) ISLAND, Tasmania postmark
(T.1, "S" removed) DE 9 11 on 1d View.

TATI ., Bechuanaland postmark
dated MY 3 -- (weak or omitted year slugs) on 1891 GB ovp'd QV 4d (SG.35). (BECHUANALAND excised from base).
Tati under Rhodesian (B.S.A. Co) control from MY 15 1894 and adhesives pmk'd TATI, MATABELELAND cds.

BETHANY (STATION excised) R.O., Orange River Colony
the tall letters cds (Putzel unlisted) dated SP 4 (00) on d Brief Kaart uprated with d for Germany, b/stamped Bloemfontein SP 4 19(00).
The BETHANY STATION R.O. sighting was taken from the Batten collection (still intact) where only the "S" was visible but a full strike on loose stamp shows it to be BETHANY SIDING R.O. The correction will appear in the Putzel addendum

SCOTTSDALE (WEST deleted), Tasmania postmark
(T.1) JU 1 11 on 1d view.

SCOTTSDALE (WEST) deleted, Tasmania postmark
(T.1) JA 23 11 on 1d View.