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T.P.O. BERBICE RIVER postmark/cancel
(T.1a) NO 2 82 on 4c blue (SG.172).

KHTM ER ROSEIRES TPO, Sudan postmark/cancel
(D1) skeleton dated 3 JA 57 on 5mms (SG.127) piece.

T.P.O. BERBICE STR (steamer), BRITISH GUIANA postal history:
1919 cover to J.P. Wright, Croydon, Surrey subsequently re-directed Henley-on-Thames with KGV 2c WAR TAX tied both T.P.O. BERBICE STR cds dated NO 7 19 and boxed "CHARGE NOT COLLECTED/FRESH LABEL REQUIRED" handstamp with circled "T" and handstruck "2d F.B.A" with GB 2d Postage Due tied PURLEY SORTING OFFICE 12 DE 19 d/ring, backstamped New Amsterdam and Georgetown 8 NOV 19, vertical fold.

M.G.12 UP TRAIN, Victoria postmark/cancel
(SC, 2nd type with dashes) MY 5 98 on QV 1d.

M.G.1 DOWN TRAIN, Victoria postmark/cancel
(Small octagon) FE 14 93 on QV 8d.

M.G.4 UP TRAIN, Victoria postmark/cancel
(re-introduced LC) JA 29 04 on QV 1d.

M.G.4 UP TRAIN, Victoria postmark/cancel
(SCW) 6 NO 08 on QV 1d.

M.G.17 UP TRAIN, Victoria postmark/cancel
(LC) DE 28 03 on QV 1d.

M.G.9 UP TRAIN, Victoria postmark/cancel
(SC) DE 13 99 on QV 1d.

ENGLISH MAIL T.P.O. OUT, Victoria postmark/cancel
5 OC 11 on QV 2d.

ENGLISH MAIL T.P.O., Victoria postmark/cancel
JY 31 12 full duplex on pair QV 1/- fragment.

M.G.12 UP TRAIN, Victoria postmark/cancel
(Small circle, 2nd type with dashes) OC 28 96 on QV d Post. Stat. cut-out, Purves believes this type to be rare.

ENGLISH MAIL T.P.O. OUT VICTORIA, Australia postmark/cancel
(D/R) 28 JA 14 on pair 1d (SG.2), corner defect.

PLYMOUTH TO BRISTOL T.P.O. postmark/cancel on ST. LUCIA stamp
dated */JA 9 95 on QV 2d (SG.46).

T.P.O., RIVER GAMBIA, Gambia postmark/cancel
dated 26 FE 27 on KGV d (SG.123).

BRITISH GUIANA postal history:
1927 cover marked "Special Delivery" to G.W. Gordon, Tower Hotel, Georgetown with EXPRESS label and 4 x KGV 2c pmk'd DEM: RIVER STEAMER */15 AU 77. Some gum soiling from further stamp affixed but removed as cds and blue crayon cross that area.

MIDLAND T.P.O.2 railway postmark on TRANSVAAL stamps
dated 4 DEC 11 UP on block of four KE7 1d (SG.274), light top right corner crease.

MIDLAND T.P.O. DOWN, Cape of Good Hope railway postmark
in red ink dated SP 24 91 on 1d (SG.49a), creased corner.

MIDLAND T.P.O. DOWN, Cape of Good Hope railway postmark on BECHUANALAND stamps
dated M/13 OC 00 on horiz. pair GB ovp'd QV d vermilion (SG.7).
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