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MAURITIUS - boxed "R" (bulbous top, straight leg) postal history
QV 2c Inland Post Card to Port Louis with adhesive pmk'd "B53" B/JY 12 79 duplex, reverse with pristine early strike of the black boxed "R" showing traces of the outer circular rim (see Ibbotson page 117).

MAURITIUS - boxed "R" (narrow top, dancing leg) postal history
Text headed "Rose Belle 23 October 91" on QV 2c Post Card to Port Louis with design pmk'd "B53" duplex dated OC 23 91, alongside superb strike black boxed "R" (see Ibbotson Page 117).

1893 exceptionally attractive cover front and single reverse side flap with QV 1c x 2, 5c to South Yarra.

A R (Avis De Reception), Bahamas postal history
1923 commercial use (opened only along top) of KGV 2d PSRE with added 1/2d, 3d to Huddersfield pm'd Nassau 13 AP 23, appended in pencil "AR" with blue crayon "23", some lighter toning.

MONTSERRAT to ST. VINCENT (but did not reach St. Vincent)
1974 tatty commercial cover from Radio Antilles with 3 x 5c UPU (one tied on reverse) pmk'd */6 AU 74 addressed Questelles Village, handstruck "INSUFFICIENT ADDRESS" as St. Vincent not included in address line.

STANN CREEK, British Honduras
1923 underpaid cover to the Conservatory of Music, Stuttgart, Wurtemburg, Germany with KGV 4c tied STANN CREEK E/31 MY 23, alongside cicled "T" and oval "Partie" handstamps.

1944 incoming cover with censor IG/4804 label with Spanish equivalent of insufficient for air transmission b/stamped Nassau MAY 4 1944 arrival.

full local cover pmk'd Belize City 8 SEP 1972 with purple RETURNED TO WRITER handstamp.

JONES PEN, Jamaica
full FDC cover pmk'd JU 2 53 to Anten Milles, Ontario with handstruck purple "A.O." (other objects).

Tax handstamp, Lagos
in bluish ink on QV 3d chestnut CC wmk P.14 (SG.13).

full cover dated 20 JUN 11, b/stamped 7 JUL 1911 in black and blue ink

MALTA postal history
one of those wonderfully distressed fragile cover fronts with adhesive missing which would have been a fine exhibition item with creased GB QV 4d despatched B/MALTA/JA 20 73 to Henry Bevan, 95th Regiment, Aldershot, Farnham, England with FARNBORO STATION D/JA 29 73 forwarded Athlone, Ireland showing C/WICKLOW/FE 3 73 and DUBLIN FE 4 73 with manuscript "Not Known" added prior return to FARNBORO STATION D/FE 5 73 collecting handstruck "1d" due.

RECEIVED IN THIS CONDITION, ST. ANN CREEK TOWN, British Honduras postal history
1967 opened commercial pristine condition cover with Trinidad QE2 35c pmk'd P.O.S. */4 MR 67 to St. Ann Creek, Belize with five strikes purple framed "RECEIVED IN THIS CONDITION", b/stamped St. ANN CREEK TOWN 9 AU 67 d/ring.

NASSAU, Bahamas
Full cover pmk'd 17 JUL 15 addressed S. Mass without town, blue crayon "Not Signed:: and oval REBUT. added at New York, repaired tear middle right side.

NEW AMSTERDAM, British Guiana
opened 2 sides full Pegasus illustrated Air Mail cover with QE2 9c rate pmk'd 13 FE 56, 3-line purple "Insufficient Postage for/transmission by/Air Mail.", no b/stamps.

complete outer wrapper with blue/white CURTIS'S & HARVEY buckled label affixed lower flap (as seal) with damaged GB QV 1/- Plate 4 pmk'd London MY 16 67 with Belize JY 6 67 (51 days transit) showing red crayon "1(d)" due to the Colony on the 1/- per half ounce rate, unusually with black handstruck "2" applied London, assumed to be 1d Late Fee plus 1d Fine to be collected from recipient.

full QV 4d orange PSRE pmk'd Nassau 24 JAN 59 with EXPRESS handstamp, b/stamped Miami Biscayne Annex.

full Bahamas Feed Supply local cover pmk\\\'d Freeport 9 FEB 76, purple boxed RETURN TO SENDER/UNCLAIMED, b/stamped GEN. DEL.2. FREEPORT cds.

full all-over Royal Victoria Hotel advertising cover, poorly opened at right, with QV 4d Chalon (fine) pmk'd A05 to Jacksonville, Florida FORWARDED St. Augustine, reverse A/BAHAMAS/AP 8 81 and Jacksonville APR 12.

full reg. cover with EXPRESS handstamp and label pmk'd 12 MAR 86, larger part flap removed.
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