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SALT POND with manuscript markings, Gold Coast postmarks
(T.2) two copies on QV 1d (SG.12a) dated JA 4 88 and SP 8 89.

ANTIGUA postmark
village manuscript "26/8/86" on QV 1d carmine-red CA wmk (SG.24), mild perf. toning at top.

BAHAMAS postal history
circa 1877 near complete contents large part entire with QV Chalon 1d scarlet P.14 (SG.34) defaced with manuscript initials from Joseph A Gilmour to Nassau,

Manuscript "Guinea Grass", British Honduras
1960 cover with QE2 1c, 4c each tied manuscript "Guinea Grass 8 a.m. June 29, 60 British Honduras" with GUINEA GRASS JU 29 60 d/ring cds alongside to Downingtown, Pennsylvania.

Manuscript "Guinea Grass", British Honduras
1960 full cover with 2 x QE2 2c each with manuscript "Guinea Grass Sept 28 1960" with ORANGE WALK 29 SP 60 cds alongside to Houston, Texas.

Manuscript "Lo Deadmans Cay/18/12/53/Bahamas", Bahamas postal history
Manuscript across KG6 d, 1d on Voice of Prophecy cover to Nassau, crumpled along base.

Manuscript Pirates Well, Bahamas (Hurricane Donna SP 6 1960)
full cover dated 26 DEc 1960 with Nassau 30 DEC 60 cds.
Pirates Well, Mayaguana Island, several small island communities in the southern regions of the Bahamas were levelled by hurricane Donna but estimation of damage or fatalities reported.

hand-drawn, corner defect


hand-drawn, some trimmed perfs and paper bend.

GREGORY TOWN, Bahamas postmark/cancel
hand-drawn dated C/SP 1 94 on QV 1d (SG.48), previously unrecorded.

Manuscript "P O Inagua", Bahamas postmark/cancel
dated 4-3-82 on QV 4d rose P.14 (SG.43), some staining.

PACQUEBOT cancel on DOMINICA stamp
manuscript "Pacquebot" on 1d View (SG.48).

PACQUEBOT cancel on DOMINICA stamp
manuscript "Pacquebot" on 1d View (SG.38).

Diagonal pen strokes, ST. VINCENT cancel
in black on QV 1d drab (SG.39).

Village pen-lines plus "A10" used KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent postmarks/cancels
(PML.4) on 1871 QV 6d deep green upright star wmk (SG.16).

Combination "W A" manuscript and oval of bars, LAGOS postmark/cancel
previously unrecorded manuscript dated "W A 6.1.6" on postally used 1904 KE7 1d MCA wmk (SG.55) in combination with light/poorly struck oval of bars.
In the absence of positive identification the possibility can exist that the weakly struck oval of bars on this KE7 1d was "killed" on arrival by addition of manuscript at Wa, Northern Territories, Gold Coast as that office does not record use of a datestamp until JA 17 1908 (Proud handbook).

CA used CALLIAQUA plus blue crayon lines, ST. VINCENT postmark/cancel
doubly-struck in red dated AP 11 78 with additional three diagonal blue crayon lines on QV 1d black (SG.22) showing "ST" of "POSTAGE" marginal lines watermark, currently unique as such.
Red "CA" abbreviates are sometimes found with manuscript "X" in either red or blue crayon, but this office is not associated blue diagonal crayon lines although one 6d pair has a single red crayon line.

24/7/79 village(?) manuscript, Antigua cancel
on 1876 QV 1d lake-rose Crown CC REVERSED wmk (SG.17x).

36 in manuscript used DRY RIVER, Jamaica postmark/cancel
on QV 1d Pine wmk (SG.1b) overstruck part strikes KINGSTON-JAMAICA cds partly dated M- 24 (61 or 62).
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