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OFFICIAL PAID not accepted, Returned For Postage, Bermuda postal history
1951 OHMS foolscap airmail cover with Civil Aviation Department, Bermuda sender's address to G.A. Osborn, Air Traffic Control, Dusseldorf Airport, Germany initially posted Hamilton 9 JUL machine supported with red BERMUDA-OFFICIAL/PAID handstamp being subsequently deleted in red crayon with boxed red "Returned for/(1/6) Postage.", three KG6 6d added and pmk'd Hamilton 12 JUL 51 with FIELD POST OFFICE 893 d/ring dated 18 JY 51 as arrival backstamp.
The authoritative Geoffrey Osborn formed one of the very best postal history collections of Bermuda.

FORCES POST OFFICE, Gibraltar postal history
PARCEL POST dated 2 JNE 82 tying ½d HMS Opossum on plain card.

MALTA postal history
1969 stampless OHMS cover to RAF Hospital Wroughton, Wiltshire pmk'd FIELD POST OFFICE/22 AP 69/158 with red CENTRAL REGISTRY/R.A.F. LUQA cachet.

CHAPLAINS OFFICE 2 BLACK WATCH, British Guiana postal history
1955 unused OHMS foolscap cover with OHMS label added pmk'd F.P.O.955 cds dated */9 MY 55 with handstruck purple cachet CERTIFIED OFFICIAL/9 MAY 1955/CHAPLAINS OFFICE/2 BLACK WATCH to The Chief Staff Chaplain, Berkeley Square, London.
T+H handbook Pages 246-247 record use for the F.P.O. 955 cds for period OC 23 53 to JY 10 54

FIELD POST OFFICE 154, British Guiana postal history
1962 cover with GB QE2 d, 2d pmk'd A/26 FE 62 to Cheadle Hulme, Stockport with purple cachet ORDERLY ROOM/1st BN THE EAST ANGLIAN REGT dated 25 FEB 1962.
T+H Pages 246-247 record a single dated use of MR 21 62

FIELD POST OFFICE 616, British Guiana postal history
1956 use og GB QV 2d PSE pmk'd 10 JY 56 to Totnes, Devon, with reverse showing serving address of "D" Company, 1dt D.C.L.I., BFPO 9, some soiling.
T+H pages 246-247 record use from MR 24 54 to AU 15 59

FIELD POST OFFICE 616, British Guiana postal history
1957 GB QE2 2d PSE pmk'd 6 FE 57 to Totnes, Devon with senders serving address on reverse of 1st D.C.L.I. BFPO 9.
T+H Pages 246-247 records use from MR 24 54 to AU 15 59

FIELD POST OFFICE 243, British Guiana postal history
1964 airmail cover to London with GB QE2 3d pmk'd ?/25 AP 64, reverse sender's serving address of 1st Batt Queens Own Buffs.
T+H page 247 records use for period SP 21 63 to MY ?? 66

FIELD POST OFFICE 109, Gambia postmark
3 JY 41 on KG6 1d (SG.152b).

thought dated 27 DE 44 on KG6 6d (SG.155).

LEEWARD ISLANDS postal history
POCZTA POLOWA 130 (Polish Field Post 130), Poland postmark: two strikes dated 19 X. 45 tying KGV 1/- and POLAND FIRST TO FIGHT patriotic label (reminder that the Poles were the first nation to be attacked by the Nazis) addressed Chicago, b/stamped BASE ARMY POST OFFICE 15 d/ring dated 23 OC 45, some toning.
Poczta Polowa 130 being 3rd Carpathian Division (attached to the Middle Eastern Forces), mailed from Allied OCCupied Italy about 5 months after Germany's surrender (see Chuck Cwiakala's letter).

(SG.Z6) dated I/JU 28 01 on horiz. pair GB QV 9d dull purple & blue, reverse toning.

FIELD POST OFFICE 164, Cyprus postal history
OHMS stampless cover "Certified Official/signature" dated A/31 DE 53 from Chief Engineer MELF 3.