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1875 cover with red crayon "Registered" to Mead & Son, London with 8c pink, 24c green (4d reg., 1/- postage) pmk'd "A03" and additionally tied red London reg. oval dated 28 AU 75 with blue crayon "51" changed "34", reverse superb intact BRITISH GUIANA POST OFFICE GEORGETOWN wax seal with Georgetown AU 15 75 d/r and London AU 28 75 arrival. (Holcombe cert.), Ex BRASSLER, VIVIEN SUSSEX, FREELAND.
For the 1860-75 'Ship' issues period only two covers are recorded sent registered, the other locally addressed dated JY 9 69 to the Lunatic Asylum, Port Canje, Berbice. A third cover dated DE 7 70 sent with 24c green to Edinburgh was forced into compulsory registration on reaching London as marked "Coin".

GRENADA sans-serif dbl-arc (only 4 known)
(T.8) small cover to Thomas Rankin, Edinburgh rated 1/-, reverse GRENADA MR 10 1849/A despatch and AP 9 (London) and AP 10 arrivals. Ex RUSSELL JONES (estimated 800).
The other three examples are dated AU 9 1847 without code, NO 7 1848/A, AU 27 1850 without code, the instrument was sent out from GPO, London MY 1 1847 during the lifetime of Type A11 so clearly a separate duty was planned. These intermittent strikes came during the life of the GRENADA serifed dbl-arc (Type A11 proofed GPO London AP 5 1844) recorded period JY 25 1844 to OC 29 1857 and as a backstamp on early GB used Grenada entires.

BERBICE, British Guiana postmark
dbl-arc dated OC 4 1860 on 4c blue (SG.33, Cat.75). Ex DUPONT

1860 1c pale rose (SG.29), a unique horizontal strip of four pmk'd by four delightful strikes Leguan Island code L/FE 7 1861 on piece. A stunning item Ex DALE LICHTENSTEIN.
Probably only a handful of classic VILLAGE multiples for all of the BWI group have survived period 1860-1885 (with exception Jamaica numerals), and later QV strips and blocks (1890's) having been soaked off piece and broken up.

1883 cover and enclosure to Mrs. Bierstadt in Havana with QV Chalon 4d rose P.14 tied "B", reverse A/BAHAMAS/MR 13 83 and Havana 18 MAR 83 arrival. This currently the only known Chalon cover to Cuba Ex JUDGE EMERSON and DALE LICHTENSTEIN
Although many Chalon head covers are addressed to the USA my extensive records only record Chalon covers to the following destinations: Bahamas (local addressing), Barbados, Bermuda, British Honduras, Canada, Cuba (as above), Egypt, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Jamaica, Nova Scotia, Prussia, Russia, St. Thomas, Trinidad, and USA.

ST. VINCENT postal history (Ex DE COSTA, 1935)
1864 small cover to James Cropper, Liverpool with pair QV 6d deep green (SG.4) pmk'd "A10", light red SAINT VINCENT A/AP 8 84 on address panel with London ER/AP 27 84 transit, reverse Liverpool AP 28 64 arrival, some perf. toning. Ex DE COSTA 4/1935, BURRUS, and JAFFE.

BAHAMAS postal history (Ex URWICK)
1886 reg. cover front to New York with QV Chalon 6d deep violet pmk'd "A05" with red REGISTERED NASSAU cds dated A/MY 31 86. Ex URWICK

MIXED CURRENCY, British Honduras postal history (Ex ADDISS, FREELAND)
1888 use of QV 1d Post Card with added bisected "2 CENTS" on QV 6d rose P.14 (SG.25) pmk'd "O" obliterator with BELIZE JA 17 88 despatch to Vienna showing Mariahilf, Wien 6 2 88 arrival. Ex ADDISS, FREELAND.
One of only three mixed currency recorded. As of 1st January 1888 CURRENCY CHANGED FROM STERLING TO DOLLARS and CENTS (Guatemalan as its standard). BRH went decimalised on the gold standard equal to U.S. dollars, but the USA told them to get lost, and BRH had to decimalise off the Guatemalan quetzel. The $1.00 US was equal 4/2d (ie 100 d) but the Quetzel was 3/11d (ie 95 d) therefore running at 5% less (eventually allowed to align with gold standard in 1895 at US $1 = 100 d).

1879 cover to The Hon. T.W.H. Dillet, Belize, Honduras with QV Chalon 4d rose tied "A05" showing JAMAICA/TRANSIT, Kingston I C/JA 22 79 and Belize FE 9 79 arrival, reverse b/stamped Bahamas JA 4 1879/B dbl-arc.

"CITY OF BELIZE", British Honduras postal history
1908 cover to Chicago with KE7 5c (SG.86) pmk'd "K.65" with purple "CITY OF BELIZE" handstamp dated MAR 11 1908 below, reverse Belize A/MR 12 08 and St. Louis, MI backstamps. Ex ADDISS, few covers exist.
Ian Mathieson records only three covers period June to August 1908.

1861 cover to Mayfair, London with GB 6d pmk'd "A25" duplex dated A/MALTA/MY 17 61 showing London A 6/MY 22 61 arrival and forwarded to Wyck, Alton, Hampshire with GB QV 1d red pmk'd London W 11 duplex dated X/MY 23 61, b/stamped Alton MY 24 61 arrival. Ex Jakob von UEXKULL.
Such GB combination covers are seldom found and extremely rare, and do not exist for most countries and agencies that were supplied with GB stamps.

ARROYO, Porto Rico carried "loose" to ST. THOMAS postal history (Ex Don Gaspar Roca)
1874 entire, written at Arroyo on July 11th 1874 has the correct 4d rate adhesive for mail to the British Postal Agency at St. Thomas, but was carried as a loose letter (outside the mailbag) and was pmkd C51 on arrival, no datestamp was applied probably due the letter originating elsewhere. The letter was then carried from St. Thomas to New York by the U.S. and Brazil Mail Steamship Company, the only line serving New York and Brazil during this period. The line was viewed by the British Government as an intruder on the British monopoly over mail service to and from Brazil, and was consequently driven out of business by heavy British government subsidies to the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company. Ex Don Gaspar ROCA (2006).
Entires from the British Postal Agency at Arroyo, opened 24th October 1872, are seldom encountered with the GB adhesives pmkd F83. The few surviving covers are divided into two groups, those initially cancelled by round top 3 in the F83 and those with a replacement flat top 3 sent out 31st August 1876 due a fire.

15 used UNION-VALE, Mauritius postal history (Ex George R. WREN)
1880 use of QV 2c Post Card to Port Louis with design pmk'd "15" with UNION-VALE A/JU 1 80 cds alongside. Ex George R WREN (1963).

COLONARIE, St.Vincent postmark/cancel
C/OC 18 88 on QV 1d red (SG.48b), ex Jaffe collection.

CA used CALLIAQUA, St. Vincent postmark/cancel
in red dated JY 20 76 on 1875 6d deep blue-green sideways star wmk (SG.19b), ex Jaffe collection.

CA used CALLIAQUA, St. Vincent postmark/cancel
OC 14 82 on 1881 QV 1d drab (SG.37), ex Jaffe collection.

MESOPOTAMIA, St. Vincent postmark/cancel
C/JU 28 86 on QV 1d rose (SG.48a), ex Jaffe collection.

Unique forced registration "Supposed to contain coin/REGISTRATION FEE 6D", Queensland postal history
1871 interrupted mail cover with 2 x QV 3d greenish grey pmk'd "Q.L" and tied BRISBANE 4/NO 1 71 paying the 6d rate via Southampton to Cambridge Heath, London, h/stamped champhered corners boxed "Supposed to contain coin/REGISTRATION FEE 6D." with further QV 6d yellow-green affixed and tied "Q.L", London registration cds and oval dated JA 29 72 plus red crayon "1/-" confirming full postage paid. Ex Geoffrey MANTON.

1 used BRIDGETOWN, Barbados postmark/cancel (Ex Hurlock)
(C1) on 1854 bisected (2d) greyish slate (SG.4a), very fine used tied Bridgetown "1" obliterator clearly demonstrating the practice of downward scissor-cutting resulting in subsequent tear correctly tied to piece. (Alex Rendon, New York certificate issued 1994). Ex HURLOCK (1958, Lot 72).
Evidence of pre-preparing imperforate stamps by cutting into horizontal strips and scissor cutting vertically between each stamp, for easy separation, is found on FE 16 1860 cover to London (ex Sir James Marshall Robson Lowe May 7 1946, Lot 140) with horiz. pair imperf. 6d pale rose-red scissor-cut vertically about 90 percent with clear separation tear showing at top right corner. At least one bisected 1854 cover shows identical downward scissor-cutting and separation tear.

JAMAICA postal history
1863 cover marked per "Str. Saladin" to Detroit, Michigan with pale colour QV 4d brown-orange Pine wmk (SG.4) pmk'd Kingston "A01" and STEAMPSHIP 10 applied at New York, backstamped C/DE 1 63.
Reverse pencil marked "Ex Turner 2/19/49 DR".
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