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Bacchus Marsh "15" travelling on ill-fated S.S. "Emeu", Victoria postal history
1857 cover marked "via Marseilles" (deleted for Southampton routing) with QV 6d orange tied "15" with red London Paid DE 7 57 on address panel (after 122 280days), reverse Bacchus Marsh and Melbourne JY 28 1857.
Sent on the S.S. "Emeu" (under charter of the Australian Royal Mail Co.) which left Sydney on September 11 bound for Suez, but stranded on October 22nd in the Red Sea, on the Guttal el Bunna, a coral reef 120 miles from Jeddah. She was refloated the following day and beached for repairs near Duber Dubb finally reaching Suez on the 3rd November, the mails however having been transferred to the P.&.O S.S. "Madras" which reached Suez on the 19th November (16 days after the "Emeu"!). Paid for delivery in Southampton the cover was sent from Alexandria on the P.&.O "Ripon" arriving December 7th.

1876 printed blue flap of The Commercial Bank of Australia/Geelong marked "p. Albion" to Napier, New Zealand with QV 2d pmk'd Geelong "2" duplex dated 3 X/NO 22 76, neatly b/stamped Melbourne 4 A/NO 23 76 and Napier 6 DE 70/L.

1875 cover with red crayon "Registered" to Mead & Son, London with 8c pink, 24c green (4d reg., 1/- postage) pmk'd "A03" and additionally tied red London reg. oval dated 28 AU 75 with blue crayon "51" changed "34", reverse superb intact BRITISH GUIANA POST OFFICE GEORGETOWN wax seal with Georgetown AU 15 75 d/r and London AU 28 75 arrival. (Holcombe cert.), Ex BRASSLER, VIVIEN SUSSEX, FREELAND.
For the 1860-75 'Ship' issues period only two covers are recorded sent registered, the other locally addressed dated JY 9 69 to the Lunatic Asylum, Port Canje, Berbice. A third cover dated DE 7 70 sent with 24c green to Edinburgh was forced into compulsory registration on reaching London as marked "Coin".

NEW SOUTH WALES to ANTIGUA postal history
1869 flimsy stock cover to Clare Hall, Antigua marked "Per R.M.S. Malta" with QV 2d x 3, QV 10d x 3 (3/- rate) pmk'd Sydney DE 31 69 showing London 25 FE 70 transit, reverse, clear of detached flap, Antigua B/MR 17 70 arrival. Faults.

MAURITIUS - boxed "R" (bulbous top, straight leg) postal history
QV 2c Inland Post Card to Port Louis with adhesive pmk'd "B53" B/JY 12 79 duplex, reverse with pristine early strike of the black boxed "R" showing traces of the outer circular rim (see Ibbotson page 117).

1868 cover to the Gas Works, Adelaide with QV 6d tied Sydney H/FE 26 1868 duplex showing GPO Adelaide N/MR 5 68 arrival alongside. Smaller faults but a scarcer inter-colonial destination.
Reverse docketted "G.C. Clark, Sydney 24 Feb 68 - didn't authorize sale of instruments."

BAHAMAS postal history
circa 1877 near complete contents large part entire with QV Chalon 1d scarlet P.14 (SG.34) defaced with manuscript initials from Joseph A Gilmour to Nassau,

QUEENSLAND postal history
1879 REGISTERED CLERMONT foolscap cover with QV Chalon 4d, 1/- tied "29" with CLERMONT DE 15 1879 to the Jewellers Asylum, South Hackney, London, b/stamped DE 17 and Adelaide DE 23 79 with two types red London registered oval 18 FE 80 on address panel, peripheral soiling.

1871 cover with badly defective QV Chalon 4d rose pmk'd "A05" to Mrs. Charles A. Peck, Hopewell Hill, Albert County, (New Brunswick), BNA, b/stamped Bahamas JA 23 1871, Montreal FE 1, Saint xxxxx FE 4, Hopewell Hill FE 6 1871. A rare destination.
Charles Allison Peck (1938-1910), a very small community famous for being the birthplace of Richard Bedford Bennett, 11th Prime Minister of Canada.

ST. GEORGE'S, Bermuda to St. Georges, GRENADA
1872 mourning cover pmk'd STG/JY 28 72 to Grenada with 1865 QV 6d dull purple (SG.6) left to be cancelled at Hamilton with K1 "1", partial St. Thomas and Grenada transit/arrivals, larger part of flap missing. Rare destination.

1883 cover and enclosure to Mrs. Bierstadt in Havana with QV Chalon 4d rose P.14 tied "B", reverse A/BAHAMAS/MR 13 83 and Havana 18 MAR 83 arrival. This currently the only known Chalon cover to Cuba Ex JUDGE EMERSON and DALE LICHTENSTEIN
Although many Chalon head covers are addressed to the USA my extensive records only record Chalon covers to the following destinations: Bahamas (local addressing), Barbados, Bermuda, British Honduras, Canada, Cuba (as above), Egypt, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Jamaica, Nova Scotia, Prussia, Russia, St. Thomas, Trinidad, and USA.

ANTIGUA (bogus) postal history
Newly discovered home-made wrapper with printed and perforated QV 1d in greyish-black (Keyplate style, no shading behind both lighthouse and sailing ship) tied "A02" to a Mr Frederick Young, last heard of in Canterbury Settlement, care of Messrs. John White Villet & Sons, Parliament Street, Liverpool, England, peripheral faults.

GREAT BRITAIN to TOBAGO postal history
1875 cover marked p. Royal Mail Steamer 2nd Dec. 1875" with GB QV 1/- green (rounded top right corner perf.) pmk'd HASTINGS "342" duplex dated E/NO 30 75 to James Hamilton, Scarbro', Tobago, b/stamped light TOBAGO JA 1 1876 dbl-arc arrival. Rare destination for GB surface printed covers.
On or about FE 28 1872 the twice monthly visit by RMS steamer was terminated, and no steamers called until the new contract of JA 1 1875 whereby Tobago was to have a single monthly visit by RMS steamer.

Entire headed "Barbados 26th April 52" to Messrs. Newton Gordon Copart & Co, Madeira marked "Favored by Capt Chambers", no postal markings, docketted as Rec'd 17 June 1852.
Letter reads: "We beg to introduce to you Capt Chambers of the British Brig Emanuel Boucher who takes to your Island some return Emigrants from Demerary, would you assist him on obtaining an onboard xxx and favour him with your advice should he apply to you, we shall consider it a favour conferred on dear Sirs, Yr ob Servant Barow Drummett".

ST. VINCENT postal history (Ex DE COSTA, 1935)
1864 small cover to James Cropper, Liverpool with pair QV 6d deep green (SG.4) pmk'd "A10", light red SAINT VINCENT A/AP 8 84 on address panel with London ER/AP 27 84 transit, reverse Liverpool AP 28 64 arrival, some perf. toning. Ex DE COSTA 4/1935, BURRUS, and JAFFE.

THE SECOND MEXICAN EMPIRE (1864-67), British Honduras postal history
1864 stampless OHMS cover with Royal Coat-of-Arms embossed flap and letter headed Belize 14 Feb'y 64 from a Captain of the British forces stationed in Belize to William Farrington, Nassau N.P., Bahamas marked "care of Van Vlinden Post Master St. Thomas". Contents include “We have just received orders for 2 Companies (out of 3) to prepare for embarkation at a moments notice for Active Service off the coast under Com'd of Major Anton(?). At present we have no idea when the Troop Ship will be in – this is expected any day or hour – as I am the only Capt here – I shall have to remain in care of the Company left behind – but my fate is not decided until the Troop Ship arrives”.
Maximilian 1 Emperor of Mexico (1864-67) was an Austrian Archduke (member of the Habsburg-Lorraine and a nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte) who declared all on Mexico including the unstable Yucatan and Belize as part of his Empire until his capture by liberal forces and execution by firing squad June 19, 1867.

MAURITIUS with chisel slits to REUNION
1862 wrapper marked p. Str. "Ottawa" to Reunion with QV 4d pmk'd A/AU 20 63 "B53" duplex with top flap displaying St. Denis 22 Aout 1862 arrival, two diagonal chisel slits struck into address panel.

INAGUA, Bahamas
QV 1d UPU Post Card dated 31 MAY 07, full text

QUEENSLAND to NEW SOUTH WALES re-directed on arrival
1875 mourning cover with Queensland QV Chalon 2d tied "102" sunburst with Rockhampton JA 4 75 to Rees R. Jones, Yass, New South Wales, on arrival NSW Side Face QV 2d added and tied for re-direction to the Royal Hotel, Sydney. Large part missing flap but an unusual and rare combination of two different QV portrait adhesives. Ex Von UEXKULL.

MALTA postal history
one of those wonderfully distressed fragile cover fronts with adhesive missing which would have been a fine exhibition item with creased GB QV 4d despatched B/MALTA/JA 20 73 to Henry Bevan, 95th Regiment, Aldershot, Farnham, England with FARNBORO STATION D/JA 29 73 forwarded Athlone, Ireland showing C/WICKLOW/FE 3 73 and DUBLIN FE 4 73 with manuscript "Not Known" added prior return to FARNBORO STATION D/FE 5 73 collecting handstruck "1d" due.
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