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1875 cover with red crayon "Registered" to Mead & Son, London with 8c pink, 24c green (4d reg., 1/- postage) pmk'd "A03" and additionally tied red London reg. oval dated 28 AU 75 with blue crayon "51" changed "34", reverse superb intact BRITISH GUIANA POST OFFICE GEORGETOWN wax seal with Georgetown AU 15 75 d/r and London AU 28 75 arrival. (Holcombe cert.), Ex BRASSLER, VIVIEN SUSSEX, FREELAND.
For the 1860-75 'Ship' issues period only two covers are recorded sent registered, the other locally addressed dated JY 9 69 to the Lunatic Asylum, Port Canje, Berbice. A third cover dated DE 7 70 sent with 24c green to Edinburgh was forced into compulsory registration on reaching London as marked "Coin".

1921 reg. cover from The Tortola Drug Store to Langlaagte, Transvaal with KGV ½d, 1d x 3, 2½d (6d rate) pmk'd purple ink TORTOLA A/JA 5 21 d/rings with matching ink ROAD TOWN registration etiquette h/stamped numeral "10", b/stamped Charlotte Amalie St. Thomas JAN 9 1921 and New York 1-17 1921 transits, unevenly opened at right but a wonderful destination cover.

GALES POINT, British Honduras postmark
purplish TRD dated SEP 2 1951 on Plate 1 University pair with reg. etiquette on piece.

CALEDONIA, British Honduras
reg. piece with TRD dated 4 FEB 1947.

QUEENSLAND postal history
1879 REGISTERED CLERMONT foolscap cover with QV Chalon 4d, 1/- tied "29" with CLERMONT DE 15 1879 to the Jewellers Asylum, South Hackney, London, b/stamped DE 17 and Adelaide DE 23 79 with two types red London registered oval 18 FE 80 on address panel, peripheral soiling.

1955 reg. cover to London with 2 x QE2 5d poorly pmk'd MANGROVE CAY 2 DEC 55 (further strikes reverse) showing magenta str. line "REGISTERED No...." appended 90 in black.

COOPERS TOWN, Bahamas postal history
1930 hand-drawn registration etiquette cover to Tacoma, USA with 3d Seal pmk'd COOPERS TOWN */SP 22 30, rare office.

Registered in oval (LRD), The Bight, Cat Island, Bahamas
full KGV 2d PSRE pmk'd Nassau 21 MAY 21, commercially opened 2 sides.
Proud records this registered oval for FE 19 21 to MY 5 21

Brstish Honduras reg. etiquette error
clear strike in blue ink on damaged KGV 3c, 5c rate cover to Chicago pmk'd Belize OC 30 19, creased front and large part reverse missing.

Brstish Honduras reg. etiquette error
Fine strike in blue ink on KGV 3c, 5c cover to Chicago pmk'd Belize OC 30 19.

full cover dated 22 JAN 65, b/stamped Nassau 25 JAN 65

BELMOPAN, British Honduras
full reg. cover from Ministry of Agriculture, Lands and Co-op dated 24 SP 73 to Belize City.

AFTERMATH OF BELIZE G.P.O. FIRE (MY 30 1909), British Honduras postal history
1909 printed advertising cover to St. Louis, Missouri with KE7 5c x 2 pmk'd temporarily supplied BELIZE NEW RIVER SERVICE E/JU 18 09, alongside newly supplied registration etiquette No.217 (current ERD of use reg. etiquette being JU 14 09).

AFTERMATH OF BELIZE G.P.O. FIRE, British Honduras postal history
The Post Office was without handstamps and registration labels after the fire of 30 May 1909. This “used elsewhere” cover with printed United Fruit Company, Puerto Barrios, Guatemala is addressed Las Cascades, Canal Zone, Republic Panama and has temporary supplied use of the BELIZE NEW RIVER SERVICE cds dated E/JU 11 09 tying KE7 1c x 6, 2c x 2 (10c rate) with manuscript “R 143” (a new boxed registration etiquette known 3 days later (JU 14 09, Dr. Matheson ERD).

letter dated Mr 13 1973

NASSAU Registered oval
short-lived, perf. fault

full local cover pmk'd 27 AUG 63 with reg. etiquette and locally applied blue 02262 numbering.

SHAHJAHANPUR, India postal history
1876 reg. cover to Shazipoor with QV 1a, 2a, 4a tied SHAHJAHANPUR A-19 duplex dated JAN 16 (76), various backstamps and wax seal.

Unique forced registration "Supposed to contain coin/REGISTRATION FEE 6D", Queensland postal history
1871 interrupted mail cover with 2 x QV 3d greenish grey pmk'd "Q.L" and tied BRISBANE 4/NO 1 71 paying the 6d rate via Southampton to Cambridge Heath, London, h/stamped champhered corners boxed "Supposed to contain coin/REGISTRATION FEE 6D." with further QV 6d yellow-green affixed and tied "Q.L", London registration cds and oval dated JA 29 72 plus red crayon "1/-" confirming full postage paid. Ex Geoffrey MANTON.

REGISTERED SURFACE MAIL from SANDY BAY, St. Vincent postal history
1970 mixed franking "Butler" cover to Toronto, Canada with a 23c rate paying the registered surface mail pmk'd SANDY BAY */15 AP 70 with chunky "R" in oval village reg. handstamp alongside the address panel.
Sandy Bay at the northernmost tip of the island is the only village comprised mainly of the surviving indigenous Carib people.
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