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APPAM, Gold Coast postmark
(T.2) C/OC 30 87 on QV 2d slate (SG.13).

TSINIANFORT (status uncertain) on British Honduras stamp
dated 26/8/88 on 1891 5c on 3c on 3d red-brown (SG.49).

K3a "15", Bermuda postmark
on 1866 QV 2d dull blue CC wmk (SG.3), shortish perf. at top.

SALT POND with manuscript markings, Gold Coast postmarks
(T.2) two copies on QV 1d (SG.12a) dated JA 4 88 and SP 8 89.

14 used Mooi River, Natal postmark
(Type G) on 1861-62 QV 3d blue No wmk (SG.12, Cat.40).

K3a "7", Bermuda postmark
on 1880 QV d stone (SG.19).

K3 "4", Bermuda postmark
on 1866 QV 2d dull blue CC wmk (SG.3), str. edge at right.

K1 "13", Bermuda postmark
on 1865 QV 1d pale rose CC wmk (SG.2).

7 used ST. JAMES, Barbados postmark
on 6d chrome-yellow P.12 (SG.70), corner perf. fault but rare on this issue.

STANN CREEK framed oval of 6 lines, British Honduras postmark
(KD1) the obliterator portion of the rare TRD on "2 CENTS" on QV 1d (SG.37).

16 used Rose Belle, Mauritius postmark
on QV 8c on 2d (SG.85).

34 used Riviere Des Anguilles, Mauritius postmark
on QV 17c on 4d (SG.87), some lighter tone blemishes.

8 code used ST. THOMAS, Barbados postmark
(M2-R) dated 8/NO 21 83 on QV 1d (SG.91).

K3 "3" used INLAND-ISLAND, Bermuda postmark
dated B/SP 18 1880 on QV 6d dull mauve, QV 4d orange (SG.7,20) piece, unusual combination and unusual rate.

BRIDGETOWN bootheel (issued 1863), Barbados postmark
on 1861 (d) blue-green, possibly from an imperforate used pair (SG.21b).

LONG CAY F.I., Bahamas postmark
(T.1) C/AP 2 89 on QV 1.00 Venetian-red (SG.57, Cat.225).

ST. KITTS (dash dash) cds
dated A/AP 27 73 on QV 1d magenta CC wmk (SG.2).

5 code used ST. JOHN, Barbados postmarks
(M2-R) dated 5/JU 17 84 on QV 2d (SG.93).

4 code used ST. GEORGE, Barbados postmark
(M2-R) dated 4/JA 8 84 on QV 1d (SG.92).

K1 "4", Bermuda postmark
on 1865 QV 1/- green (SG.8).
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