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Country: Jamaica 1d Falls Clear
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RETREAT, Jamaica postmark/cancel
(D/R) in blue ink dated JA 2 04 on 1d Falls (SG.32).

ANNATTO BAY, Jamaica railway postmark/cancel
(S1b-I, D2) NOV 23 1904 on 1d Falls (SG.32).

LINSTED, Jamaica railway postmark/cancel
(S1b-1, D1) in blue dated JUN 2 1902 on 1d Falls (SG.32), seldom seen.

ANNOTTO BAY, Jamaica railway postmark/cancel
(S-1b II, D1) dated AUG 20 1903 on 1d Falls (SG.32).

Full colour photo-copied illustrations as mounted on 103 album pages showing his 1,531 different combinations on Pine, CC, CA wmk, Keyplates, Falls, Fiscals stamp/numeral obliterators "A27" to "E". A unique record of one of the greatest numeral collections ever formed.
The file will be sent as a PDF file to your email address as supplied.

TITCHFIELD, Jamaica postmark/cancel
(TRD 11) in purple dated 16 1 03(?) on 1d Falls (SG.32), defective perfs top left.

NEWMARKET, Jamaica postmark/cancel
(D/R) JY 26 01 on 1d Falls (SG.31), soiled etc.

WILLIAMSFIELD, Jamaica postmark
(D/R) 13 DE 00 on 1d Falls (SG.31).

RICHMOND, Jamaica postmark
(D/R) OC 18 00 on 1d Falls (SG.31).

PORT ROYAL, Jamaica postmark
(D/R) SP 17 01 on 1d Falls (SG.31).

PORUS, Jamaica postmark
(D/R) DE 23 01 on 1d Falls (SG.32).

BETHEL TOWN, Jamaica postmark
(D/R) FE 25 01 on 1d Falls (SG.31).

MONTPELIER, Jamaica postmark
(D/R) JY 23 01 on 1d Falls (SG.31).

NEGRIL, Jamaica postmark
(D/R) SP 6 00 on 1d Falls (SG.31).

PRATVILLE, Jamaica postmark
(D/R) OC 10 00 on 1d Falls (SG.31).

BALACLAVA, Jamaica postmark
(D/R) OC 25 00 on 1d Falls (SG.31).

BOWDEN, Jamaica postmark
(D/R) SP 17 00 on 1d Falls (SG.31).

COLD SPRING, Jamaica postmark
(D/R) OC 11 00 on 1d Falls (SG.31).

BRAED RIVER, Jamaica postmark
(D/R) 19 FE 01 on 1d Falls (SG.31).

DUNCANS, Jamaica postmark
(D/R) JY 16 00 on 1d Falls (SG.31).
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