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1948 reg. cover with Plate 1 block of four KG6 3d to Vienna with purple ink Austrian "V1" and 240 inspector handstamps pmk'd Nassau 21 JUN 48.

1948 reg. cover with KG6 4d (perf. fault), 6d, 1/- to Vienna with purple ink Austrian "V2" and 706 inspector handstamps.

MIXED CURRENCY, British Honduras postal history (Ex ADDISS, FREELAND)
1888 use of QV 1d Post Card with added bisected "2 CENTS" on QV 6d rose P.14 (SG.25) pmk'd "O" obliterator with BELIZE JA 17 88 despatch to Vienna showing Mariahilf, Wien 6 2 88 arrival. Ex ADDISS, FREELAND.
One of only three mixed currency recorded. As of 1st January 1888 CURRENCY CHANGED FROM STERLING TO DOLLARS and CENTS (Guatemalan as its standard). BRH went decimalised on the gold standard equal to U.S. dollars, but the USA told them to get lost, and BRH had to decimalise off the Guatemalan quetzel. The $1.00 US was equal 4/2d (ie 100 d) but the Quetzel was 3/11d (ie 95 d) therefore running at 5% less (eventually allowed to align with gold standard in 1895 at US $1 = 100 d).

Threat to Administration of Colony, H.M.S. IMPLACABLE sent to BRITISH GUIANA
1953 unsealed cover to Vienna, Austria with GB KG6 1d tied POST OFFICE MARITIME MAIL machine with blue boxed COMMANDING OFFICER/26 OCT 1953/H.M.S. "IMPLACABLE" handstamp, no backstamps.

WARRNAMBOOL, Victory postal history
1909 use of QV 1d rose Post Card uprated with QV d, 1d to Austria pmk'd WARRNAMBOOL 8 NO 09 cds with SALZBURG 2 arrival dated 11.X11.09 alongside, some soiling.

2, used Famagusta, CYPRUS postmark on AUSTRIAN LEVANT stamp
applied to loose letters at Famagusta on Austrian Levant 1906 1 piaster (Scott.41).

MALTA postal history
1880 cover to Innsbruck, Austria with early use GB QV 2d blue Plate 17 pmk'd "A25" duplex dated C/MALTA/AP 29 80, some toning.
Plate 17 was the only plate used for both the QV 2d rosy-mauve and 2d blue.

LLOYD AUSTRIACO XXVI, Austria used in offices in the Turkish Empire postmark
in blue dated 27/3 94 on 1pi on 10kr ultramarine.

NYLSTROOM, Transvaal
reg. cover to Austria with KE7 d pair, 2d, 3d (6d rate) dated 4 AUG 06.