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MONTSERRAT to ST. VINCENT (but did not reach St. Vincent)
1974 tatty commercial cover from Radio Antilles with 3 x 5c UPU (one tied on reverse) pmk'd */6 AU 74 addressed Questelles Village, handstruck "INSUFFICIENT ADDRESS" as St. Vincent not included in address line.

MONTSERRAT postal history
1911 "used elsewhere" Frederiksted, St. Croix printed "JESUS IS COMING, GET READY" cover with unsealed rate d Badge pmk'd Montserrat A/AP 2 1911 to Apthorp, New Hampshire.

"On board ye Hector of Montserratt" landed ANTIGUA straight line
1792 cover headed "On board ye Hector of Montserratt Nov.22 1792" to Mrs. Cockin in Bristol rated 1/2 changed 1/5 landed after lengthy journey with Capt. Ronaldson with ANTIGUA str. line, JA 2 1793 arrival.

1977 underpaid cover with Grenada 10c pmk'd VICTORIA */JU 15 77, tax marks and Montserrat 1c x 2, 20c, 40c tied Plymouth on arrival.

Delayed First flight to St. Lucia pmk'd A/JU 20 30 with GPO Plymouth */FE 23 31, reverse St. Kitts C/23 FE 31, Castries */26 FE 31 and partial Montserrat MR 6 31 return.

A08 used PLYMOUTH, Montserrat postmark/cancel
in bluish ink on Leewards QV 1d (SG.2).

MONTSERRAT PAID postmark/cancel
CONTRARY TO REGULATIONS dated A/FE 16 84 tying bisected QV 1d red CC wmk P.12 (SG.6b) on local piece addressed the Gazette.
All Montserrat covers 1876 to end 1878 (including the numerous bisect covers to Dominica and St. Christopher) have the adhesives corrected "killed" by the "A08" obliterator with despatch datestamp alongside on the cover, only one exception is noted with pair QV 6d green to Islington, London (ex Hopkins, Thompson, Toeg) dated NO 25 78 with adhesives solely cancelled MONTSERRAT PAID cds.

A08 used PLYMOUTH, Montserrat postmark/cancel
on Leewards QV 2d (SG.3).

Litho forgery of the QV 2d in red-brown used.

Forgery of unissued QV 6d Keyplate in dark green, fine used.

A08 used PLYMOUTH, Montserrat postmark/cancel
on 1885 QV 2d ultramarine CA wmk (SG.11).

1972 (18-7) cover to Montserrat with France 50c tied Fort De France machine slogan, boxed "Missent to St. Lucia" handstamp.

1866 QV 1d pale rose INLAND REVENUE on UNISSUED vertical laid paper stamps, a generally fine and fresh IMPERFORATE complete sheet of twelve stamps showing the two units of six stamps laid down and aligned for printing purposes (unlike BADLY ALIGNED Sheet 256) within the full marginal inscriptions including One Penny Each - One Shilling per Sheet. at base (changed on issued sheets) on gummed paper sheet numbered 258 at top left. Some slight creasing. Note: The initial delivery is thought to be Sheets 1 to 250 making a total of 3,000 stamps being issued on horizontal laid paper with base inscription reading One Penny each - One Shilling per Sheet. - the change from Each to each being made at preparation stage due Victorians being fussy about incorrect grammar. Only three imperforate sheets (numbered 256,257,258) are currently known with the original "Each" setting, and each showing differing adjustments to the lining up of the two units. Morley in 1910 reported the existence of these stamps on vertical laid paper but both Britnor (1965) and Robson Lowe (1990) were unable to confirm their existance in their handbooks. Sheets 251 to 260 are therefore printers unissued preparation sheets. The "Each" error was not noticed by philatelists until 2001 (135 years later!).

MONTSERRAT postal history
1943 reg. cover to Romford, Essex with KG6 6d lightly pmk'd Plymouth */FE 20 43 with censor label A.A./2 (numeral in pencil) under brown tape, Antigua A/FE 24 43 transit, stamp with small blemish.

MONTSERRAT postal history
1945 combination cover with Leewards KG6 1d (perf. fault) and Montserrat KG 6 1/- pmk'd Plymouth */MR 26 45 to New York, at left IB/673 censor label.

MONTSERRAT taken to ST. CHRISTOPHER for posting to BARBADOS postal history
1876 cover endorsed "J.S. Hollings Montserrat W.I" at lower left from the known correspondence to James Sanderson, Bridgetown, Barbados conveyed "loose" (as too late for sealed bag) by the Cassin contract mailboat to St. Kitts where inter-island rate QV 6d green affixed and tied by dumb circled single central bar cancel with ST. KITTS JY 13 76 despatch rated red "4". An exquisite and most unusual exhibition piece. Ex HART.
TOO LATE FOR INCLUSION FIRST SAILING OF JY 12 1876 BEARING MONTSERRAT 1st PRINTING QV 1d, 6d ADHESIVES: The 1st printings Montserrat QV 1d red (13,200 stamps) and QV 6d green (6,960 stamps) Crown CC Perf.14 were invoiced JU 12 1876 and would have arrived in time for the JY 12 1876 first sailing bearing Montserrat's own adhesives. Montserrat had lost its steamer service in 1852 and for many years thereafter the mails were conveyed to and from St. Kitts by means of sailing vessels. From SP 26 1864 to DE 31 1879 Frederick Slater Cassin, of Antigua, held the contract to convey the mails between St. Kitts, Nevis and Montserrat, for which he received a subsidy of 490 a year.

The UNIQUE QV 1d red INVERTED "S" cover, Montserrat postal history (Ex THOMPSON)
1886 commercial cover to Mrs. Witham, Basseterre, St. Kitts with accepted by Post Office and correctly tied diagonally bisected QV 1d red (SG.8ca) with full QV 1d red with INVERTED "S" (SG.8a) alongside partly pmk'd identically inked "A08" with both MONTSERRAT A/JA 23 86 despatch and ST. KITTS C/JA 29 86 alongside address panel. A further 1d stamp, making up the 2d inter-island rate, was lost during transit or subsequently removed, peripheral faults. Ex THOMPSON (1977).
This Perf. 14 bisect Cat.1300 on cover, Inverted "S" Cat.1000 and rated from x12 on cover. Sir Edward Bacon whilst examining a full sheet of 120 stamps established that the Setting was twice arranged in five horizontal rows with the inverted "S" appearing Stamp No.3 in both 2nd and 7th rows.

St. JOHNS, Montserrat postmark
*/AU 15 34 on KGV 1d (SG.66).
This being the earliest dated copy handled by me

1902-03 stamp-size master Die Proof on thick card for the KE7 5/- denomination with uncleared surrounds and country tablet as used for all three islands.

Bisected QV 1d on piece pmk'd forged "A08" obliterator.
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