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MALTA postal history
one of those wonderfully distressed fragile cover fronts with adhesive missing which would have been a fine exhibition item with creased GB QV 4d despatched B/MALTA/JA 20 73 to Henry Bevan, 95th Regiment, Aldershot, Farnham, England with FARNBORO STATION D/JA 29 73 forwarded Athlone, Ireland showing C/WICKLOW/FE 3 73 and DUBLIN FE 4 73 with manuscript "Not Known" added prior return to FARNBORO STATION D/FE 5 73 collecting handstruck "1d" due.

PINE RIDGE to MALTA, Bahamas postal history
1953 cover to Const. A. Schembre, Zabbar, Malta with 2 x KG6 10d yellow-orange (SG.154a) tied blue ink PINE RIDGE cds dated 20 AUG 52 (T.7, D4), b/stamped Nassau AUG 20 1953 and Valletta AU 25 53.

MALTA to TUNISIA postal history
1892 use of QV 1d carmine UPU Post Card to La Goulette pmk'd Malta B/JU 2 92 "A25" duplex, alongside address panel 7 JUIN 92 arrival.

MALTA with chisel slits to Genoa, ITALY postal history
1865 part contents wrapper to Genoa, Italy with GB QV 4d tied MALTA "A25" duplex dated A/JY 26 65 with boxed PIROSCAFI/POSTALI/ITALIANI and disinfected by two chisel slits.
Other 1865 entires with chisel slits are recorded for OC 17 65 to Catania, OC 31 65 to Corfu, NO 14 65 to Tunis, NO 21 65 to Genoa, Italy, NO 23 65 to Messina, Sicily.

1861 cover to Mayfair, London with GB 6d pmk'd "A25" duplex dated A/MALTA/MY 17 61 showing London A 6/MY 22 61 arrival and forwarded to Wyck, Alton, Hampshire with GB QV 1d red pmk'd London W 11 duplex dated X/MY 23 61, b/stamped Alton MY 24 61 arrival. Ex Jakob von UEXKULL.
Such GB combination covers are seldom found and extremely rare, and do not exist for most countries and agencies that were supplied with GB stamps.

COSPICUA, Malta postmark/cancel
FE 21 56 on QE2 1d (SG.146).

PAULA, Malta postmark/cancel
AM/2 NO 20 on KGV 1d (SG.73a) piece, mild toning.

CASAL-LIA, Malta postmark/cancel
A/AP 27 07 on KE7 d (SG.47).

HAMRUN, Malta postmark/cancel
A/28 SP 11 on KE7 d (SG.47).

MIGIARRO B.O., Malta postmark/cancel
20 OC 22 on 2d (SG.128).

ST. PAULS BAY, Malta postmark/cancel
A/AU 17 14 on KGV d (SG.71).

VICTORIA, Malta postmark/cancel
D/DE 4 93 on QV d (SG.20),

ZEITUN, Malta postmark/cancel
PM/NO 9 12 on KE7 1d (SG.49) piece.

MIGIARRO, Malta postmark/cancel
B/JU 10 91 on QV d (SG.20).

COSPICUA, Malta postmark/cancel
MR 28 56 on QE2 d (SG.267).

NAXARO, Malta postmark/cancel
AM/DE 25 00 on QV d (SG.20).

HAMRUM, Malta postmark/cancel
PM/JA 20 14 on KE7 d (SG.47).

RECEIVED FROM H.M. SHIPS, Malta postmark/cancel
OC 12 63 on QE2 2d (SG.312).

ST. PAUL'S BAY, Malta postmark/cancel
A/JY 1 01 on pair QV d (SG.20).

ST. PAUL'S BAY, Malta postmark/cancel
A/AU 29 01 on QV d (SG.20), perf. fault.
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