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ENTONJANENI, Zululand postmark
(Z.2) dated NOV 14 89 on GB ovp'd QV 1d (SG.2).

MELMOTH, Zululand postmark/cancel
(Z.9, M.1) MR 18 02 on Natal QV 1d (SG.99a).

LOWER UMFOLOSI, Zululand postmark/cancel
(Z.7) in purple dated 18 JAN 1898 on Natal QV 1d (SG.99a).

EKUTULENI, Natal postal history
Previously unrecorded d/ring with maltese cross at base dated 21 FEB 13 on Natal KE7 1d UPU Post Card with same day MELMOTH, ZULULAND transit to Klefoa, Sweden, full text.
Head Office MELMOTH, previously named SITEKU (office opened 1910), renamed EKUTULENI (OC 1 1911).

NKANDHLA, Zululand postmark/cancel
(Z.3) purple TRD dated 18 OCT 90 on GB ovp'd QV 4d (SG.6, Cat.75) faulty cut-to-shape piece.

KANGELA ST. ESHOWE on JAPAN hand-painted balsa wood cover via HONG KONG to ZULULAND
1908 balsa wood partly hand-painted cover to Eshowe, Zululand with Japan 10sen tied part 41.12 (for 14.12) cancel with superb purple MOJI, JAPAN dated 15.12.08 alongside, reverse with VICTORIA, Hong Kong 22 DE 08, Eshowe and rare KANGELA ST. ESHOWE, NATAL arrivals both dated JA 20 09.

NONDWENI, Zululand postmark/cancel
(Z.4) purple ink part strike dated -- --T 93 on ovp'd QV d (SG.1).

HLABISA, Zululand postmark
(Z.6) purple TRD dated 10 MAY 1896 on QV 1d (SG.21).

Combination first types HLABISA and LOWER UMFOLOSI, Zululand postal history
1895 exceptionally rare and perhaps unique side-by-side combination purple Resident Magistrate's Office (R.M. OFFICE) cds for HLABISA 16 NOV 1895 and LOWER UMFOLOSI NOV 19 1895 on GB ovp'd 1d Post Card written by Edith Turnbull at "Bush View 15th Nov. 1895" to Cockington, Torquay with ESHOWE and DURBAN transits. Exhibition item.

ESHOWE, Zululand postal history
(re-introduced Z.10) JY 15 25 as arrival on much travelled GB KGV 1d Post Card from Rochester to Teneriffe, forwarded Cape Town, Johannesburg, Eshowe, Zululand and back, two vertical creases.

NONGOMA, Natal postmark on TVL stamp
interprovincial dated OC 21 14 on vertical pair TVL 1d Postage Due (SG.D2).

ESHOWE, Natal postmark on TVL stamp
interprovincial dated MR 21 12 on TVL KE7 1d (SG.274).

MCA wmk

NKANDHLA, ZULULAND postal history
(Z.9) 17 OC 00 on Natal QV 1d (SG.9a) to London, minor perf. toning.

UMLALAZI (former Zululand), Natal postal history
(M.4.1) as arrival dated A/MR 1 07 on complete Natal KE7 d Newswrapper pmk'd Pietermaritzburg FE 25 07 to Magistrate, Empangeneni, Umhlazi Div., Zululand, no backstamps.

BULWER, Natal postal history
printed green flap with King's Crown/NP/NONGQAI of the Native Police on KE7 1d rate cover to Miss Jeune, South Hampstead, London dated AU 8 10.
Fort Nongqai, situated on the outskirts of the town of Eshowe, was built to serve as the headquarters of the Zululand Native Police. This small force was established in 1883 to serve as a bodyguard to the then Resident Commissioner Sir Melmoth Osborne. The small force, initially just 50 men, was known to the Zulus as nongqai and hence the fort was given the name Fort Nongqai.

POA 57, Natal postal history
tying KE7 d on NORWEGIAN col. ppc of the future King Haakon VII and Queen Maud (coronation 22 June 1906) addressed Stanger showing Pietersmaritzburg FE 15 06 transit, text includes the word "Eshowe".
The Norwegian Missionary Society founded its first permanent mission station north of the Tugela in the 1840s.

POA 64, Natal postal history
Cape Gov't Railways col. ppc headed "Subeni, Zululand" mailed with pair KE7 d to Abbey Wood, Kent, alongside VRYHEID AU 21 09 d/ring.

NKANDHLA, South Africa postmark
skeleton dated 5 NO 1934 on block of four 1d (SG.56), corner perf. fault.
Putzel unrecorded.

NQUTU, Natal postmark
(M.2) MR 16 1903 on horiz. pair KE7 1/- (SG.136), some perf. splitting and creased etc.
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