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Country: Leeward Islands Clear
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WESLEY, Dominica postmark/cancel
*/JA 13 02 on Leewards QV 1d (SG.2).

POINTE MICHEL, Dominica postmark/cancel
*/JA 15 13 on Leewards KE7 2d (SG.39).

POINTE MICHEL, Dominica postmark/cancel
*/OC 29 05 on Leewards KE7 3d (SG.24).

ST. JOSEPH, Dominica postmark/cancel
*/MY 10 02 on Leewards QV 1d (SG.2), slight surface creasing.

PORTSMOUTH, Dominica postmark/cancel
C/AU 31 15 on Leewards KGV 1d (SG.48).

ST. JOSEPH, Dominica postmark/cancel
*/OC 9 02 on Leewards KE7 1d (SG.21) fragment.

DUBLANC, Dominica postmark/cancel
*/AP 11 03 on horiz. pair Leewards KE7 1d (SG.21).

WESLEY, Dominica postmark/cancel
*/JY 27 01 on Leewards QV 1d (SG.2).

POINTE-MICHEL, Dominica postmark/cancel
*/SP 4 03 on Leewards KE7 2d (SG.23).

MARIGOT, Dominica postmark/cancel
C/AP 2 14 on Leewards KE7 d MCA wmk (SG.36).

MAHAUT, Dominica postmark/cancel
*/SP 11 02 on Leewards KE7 1d (SG.21), tiny lower left corner tear and light crease, rare.

DOMINICA postmark/cancel
*/OC 1 96 on Leewards QV 7d dull mauve and slate (SG.6).

Vertical "A07" used Roseau, Dominica postmark/cancel
on Leewards 1892 Surcharge trio (SG.17-19) piece dated DOMINICA */JA 27 03.

GRAND-BAY, Dominica postmark/cancel
*/11 JY 21 on Leewards KGV 4d (SG.52) fragment.

DOMINICA "A07" duplex postmark/cancel
The cds portion dated sideways down C/SP 21 93 with sliver of the vertical "A07" duplex at right on Leewards QV 1d (SG.2).

PORTSMOUTH, Dominica postmark/cancel
reversed C/13 OC 05 on 1902 KE7 2d Crown CA wmk (SG.23).

SOUFRIERE, Dominica postmark/cancel
*/AU 27 00 on Leewards QV 1d (SG.2).

COLIHAUT, Dominica postmark/cancel
*/JU 17 03 on Leewards KE7 3d (SG.24).

ST. PETER'S, Antigua postmark/cancel
C/JA 31 99 on Leewards QV d (SG.1), facial toning.
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