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14 used Mooi River, Natal postmark
(Type G) on 1861-62 QV 3d blue No wmk (SG.12, Cat.40).

12 used RICHMOND, Natal postmark/cancel
(Type G) on 1870 1d bright red (SG.60).

55 used UMPUMULO, Natal postmark/cancel
(T.1) on QV 1d CC wmk (SG.66), some faults.

29 used SPRINGVALE, Natal postmark/cancel
(Type H) on 1870 QV 1d bright red (SG.60).

2 used DURBAN, Natal postmark/cancel
on broken vertical pin 1870 QV Chalon 1d bright red (SG.60).

3 used VERULAM, Natal postmark/cancel
(Type G) on QV 1d CC wmk (SG.66).

20 used NEWCASTLE, Natal postmark/cancel
(Type G) on 1862 QV Chalon 1d rose-red upr. star wmk (SG.15, Cat.65).

18 used CATHKIN, Natal postmark/cancel
(Type G) on 1873 QV 1/- purple-brown ovp'd "POSTAGE" (SG.63), thinned top left corner.

17 used COLENSO, Natal postmark/cancel
on 1876 Chalon QV 6d violet (SG.83).

6 used PINETOWN, Natal postmark/cancel
(T.G) on 1870 Chalon QV 1d bright red (SG.60).

10 used YORK, Natal postmark/cancel
on 1872 Chalon QV 3d bright blue (SG.61), perf. fault.

5 used POINT, Natal postmark/cancel
on 1876 QV 1/- green (SG.84).

25 used CAMPERDOWN, Natal postmark/cancel
(T.H) on 1878 QV 4d brown Crown CC wmk P.12 (SG.69b, Cat.70).

8 (used ISIPINGO), Natal postal history MISSENT to Scotland
1883 cover to Mrs. J. N. Leonard, Scotland, Massachusetts with QV d CC wmk, 1d, 6d CA wmk pmk'd "8" obliterators with two strikes circled "MISSENT" alongside address panel, reverse Durban 25 AU 83 shield, London SP 25 93, New York OCT 6 83 Paid All, Waltham OCT 6 1883 arrival.

75 (used unknown location), Natal postmark/cancel
(T.I.1) on 1874 QV 6d CC wmk (SG.70).

46 used HERMANNSBURG, Natal postmark/cancel
(T.1,I) on QV 1/- green (SG.59).

18 used CATHKIN, Natal postmark/cancel
(Type G) on QV 1d Crown CA wmk (SG.99a).

15 used BUSHMAN'S RIVER, Natal postmark/cancel
on QV 1d CA wmk (SG.99), soiled.

9 used TONGAAT, Natal postmark/cancel
on 1880 QV d blue-green CC wmk (SG.96, Cat.35).

18 used CATHKIN, Natal postmark
(Type G) on QV 6d Crown CA wmk (SG.103).
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