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Tax handstamp, Lagos
in bluish ink on QV 3d chestnut CC wmk P.14 (SG.13).

LAGOS (21mm cds) postmark/cancel
(Ince & Sacher T.5B) dated A/JY 26 84 on QV 1d lilac-mauve CA wmk (SG.17). Few recorded.

CALABAR, Southern Nigeria postmark/cancel
(T.6a) in purple ink dated A/MR 6 08 on KE7 d (SG.21).

IDA, Lagos postmark/cancel
(T.6a) A/OC 9 07 on KE7 1d (SG.55).

OGBOMOSHO, Lagos postmark/cancel
(T.14) SE 9 06 on KE7 6d MCA (SG.59).

LAGOS postmark/cancel
(T.2) possibly dated B/LAGOS/DE 4 74 on 1874 QV 4d carmine CC wmk P.12 (SG.4). Exceptionally rare as an adhesive "killer".
Ince & Sacher handbook record a single date of use of B/NO 23 74 on adhesive.

SHAGAMU, Lagos postmark/cancel
(T.9a) B/MY 22 1902 on QV 1d (SG.22).

UDI, Southern Nigeria postmark/cancel
(Type 7c) in purple ink dated 20 MR 11 on horiz. pair KE7 1d (SG.34), a very rare office.

SAPELE, Southern Nigeria postmark on RHODESIA stamp
(T.6a) dated 5 NO 16 on KGV d Admiral.

EBUTE METTA, Southern Nigeria postal history
1916 cover "per S.S. Apapa" to Orleans, France with Northern Nigeria KE7 2d pmk'd EBUTE METTA AU 19 16 d/ring, b/stamped Lagos AU 19 and Orleans 12-9 16 transits.
The Elder Dempster Line "Apapa" was torpedoed the following year off Anglesey by German submarine on 28 November 1917, 77 lives lost.

IBADAN, Lagos postmark/cancel
(T.9B) B/AP 18 1902 on QV d (SG.21), creased with small tear at top.

LAGOS postmark/cancel
(T.5a, 20mm) STRUCK IN ERROR IN RED INK dated A/OC 24 75 with correction in black ink A/OC 24 75 twice emphasised on 1874 QV 4d carmine CC wmk P.12 (SG.4, Cat.50).

SOMBREIRO RIVER, Niger Coast postmark/cancel
(T.1a) A/AP 23 97 on QV 2d.

Combination "W A" manuscript and oval of bars, LAGOS postmark/cancel
previously unrecorded manuscript dated "W A 6.1.6" on postally used 1904 KE7 1d MCA wmk (SG.55) in combination with light/poorly struck oval of bars.
In the absence of positive identification the possibility can exist that the weakly struck oval of bars on this KE7 1d was "killed" on arrival by addition of manuscript at Wa, Northern Territories, Gold Coast as that office does not record use of a datestamp until JA 17 1908 (Proud handbook).

EBUTE METTA, Southern Nigeria postmark/cancel
(T.13A) rare use code C/SE 19 1906 (post amalgamation) on strip of three Lagos KE7 1d (SG.55) piece.
Code "C" not recorded by Ince & Sacher after Lagos amalgamated into Southern Nigeria as of May 1st 1906.

EBUTE METTA, Lagos postmark/cancel
(T.13A) rare use code E/DE 1 1905 (prior amalgamation) on single plus pair KE7 1d (SG.55) fragment.
Code "E" not recorded by Ince & Sacher prior Lagos amalgamated into Southern Nigeria as of May 1st 1906.

LAGOS (21mm cds), postmark/cancel
(Ince & Sacher T.5B) dated A/AU 22 84 on QV 1d lilac-mauve CA wmk (SG.17). Few recorded.

OLD CALABAR, Niger Coast postmark/cancel
(R5) A/5 JY 94 on QV 5d grey-lilac.

BRASS RIVER, Niger Coast postmark/cancel
(T.1a) C/9 JY 97 on QV 1d orange-vermilion.

SAPELE, Southern Nigeria postmark/cancel
(R6) B/JA 29 04 on KE7 d (SG.10), stained perf.
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