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1876 printed blue flap of The Commercial Bank of Australia/Geelong marked "p. Albion" to Napier, New Zealand with QV 2d pmk'd Geelong "2" duplex dated 3 X/NO 22 76, neatly b/stamped Melbourne 4 A/NO 23 76 and Napier 6 DE 70/L.

FLYING BOAT CALPURNIA CRASH IN IRAQ, cover Muswell Hill to Invercargill, NEW ZEALAND postal history
1938 cover with several pages readable lengthy letter from Milly in Muswell Hill pmk'd 22 NOV 1938 to L.G. Crawford, Thomson & Beattie Ltd, Invercargill, New Zealand, stamp washed off with 2-line purple "RECEIVED IN DAMAGED CONDITION/EX FLYING BOAT CALPURNIA".

Extraordinary 1865 cover endorsed "p. Claud Hamilton" and franked Chalon QV 2d pale blue placed in the Post Office late mail box with red manuscript instruction "Late Letter" (without accompanying cash) pmk'd Picton "11" without despatch datestamp (contrary to regulations) addressed H.D. Jackson in Nelson, the 6d late fee charge attended to by addition of INSUFFICIENTLY PAID 6/FINE 6 handstamp with black 1/- to be collected from the recipient, part of the address redacted, reverse NELSON MR 4 1865 arrival.
The enclosure, written "In great haste" is on printed Union Bank of Australia paper and headed "Pictou 3 Mch/65" and mentions "enclosing 7/6 in postage stamps".

HOBART to AUCKLAND WHARF, NEW ZEALAND, Tasmania postal history
1854 outer lettersheet wmk'd "SALMON 1853" and marked "Per Lusia" to William Davis, Auckland Wharf, New Zealand with cut-to-shape Van Dieman's Land QV 4d bright red-orange, clear engraving lines (SG.5, Cat.1,000, x 6 on cover) pmk'd Hobart numeral "63" showing clear AUCKLAND JY 25 1854/A arrival, both adhesive (small scissor-cut top right) and entire stained but an exceptionally rare destination for this issue.

CONSIGNEE'S LETTER into DUNEDIN, New Zealand postal history
1868 initially stampless entire (no indication of sender's origin) travelling with goods marked "Consignee's Letter per Margaret" destined for a merchant in Otahuhu, Auckland put into the Post Office at first port of call Dunedin with pair, single QV Chalon 1d dull vermilion added (affixed over writing) pmk'd Dunedin D/NZ/SP 25 68 duplex paying the 3d inter-provincial rate, b/stamped Auckland OC 7 transit and with OTAHUHU OCT 8 68 (13 days journey) on address panel, missing part flap. Extremely rare with Chalon stamps added.
The letter, having been put into the Dunedin post office (South Island), would travel by land to the recipient advising details of goods to be expected, and the "Margaret" would continue its sea journey to the most convenient port in North Island for off-loading of same.

NEW ZEALAND postal history
1870 mourning cover from the Reverend A. Stock to the Reverend E.H. Heywood, Cathedral Library, Auckland with the interprovincial rate paid by 1d pale orange-vermilion and 2d blue pmk'd Wellington "070" duplex dated JU 25 70, backstamped Auckland JU 29 arrival.
Reverend Arthur Henry Stock (1823-1901) was a photographer and the b/w photograph shows his house in the Te Aro district of Wellington.

1873 registered cover with "FORWARDED BY/CRUICKSHANK & Co/AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND" sender cachet on reverse to Libourne, France with Chalon 2d orange, 3d, lilac, 2 x 6d pale blue tied "1" numeral obliterators with REGISTERED, AUCKLAND FE 15 7318 despatch, routed via ALEXANDRIE (7/4) showing full transit and arrival marks on reverse plus boxed French rate mark, reverse flaps opened for display. Exhibition item ex WOOLFE, HACKMEY (2006 RPS Certificate).

Hand-drawn CRAWL registration etiquette to New Zealand, Bermuda postal history
1947 (SP 17) cover to Wellington, New Zealand with 10 stamps KG6 2/8d franking pmk'd Crawl with hand-drawn "R/CRAWL/O717" reg. etiquette, reverse New York (SP 17), San Francisco (SP 19) and Brooklyn N.Z. (SP 24) backstamps.

NEW ZEALAND postal history
1870 reg. cover front with 2 x 6d tied Wellington "070" duplex to the Old ground or the rookery, Ennis, Co. Clare, Ireland showing London 26 NO 70 transit and A/ENNIS/NO 29 70 arrival. Soiled in places.
Approximately only 1 in every 100 NZ Chalon covers were sent registered.

REGISTERED BOOK POST, New Zealand postal history
1871 opened-each-end foolscap wrapper (232 x 103mm) marked "Per Book Post to be Registered" and "via San Francisco" to Edinburgh, Scotland with QV 4d, 6d tied WELLINGTON duplex dated JA 3 71 with London 27 FE 71 transit and Edinburgh FE 28 71 arrival backstamp, some peripheral edge faults and filing crease but exceptionally rare and probably unique as such.
With the termination of the route via Marseilles, the postage rate via Brindisi was reduced to 9d per half ounce letter on THIS SAME DATE of 3 January 1871

NEW ZEALAND postal history
1866 cover "via Marseilles" to Loughborough with 2d deep blue x 2, 6d red-brown each initialled "K" (at Kowai) and overstruck "C" obliterator, reverse Christchurch AP 13 66 and Loughborough C/JU 11 66 cds

Combination GERMANY and NEW ZEALAND, postal history
1891 cover with Reichpost 20pf blue twice pmk'd OLDENBURG 13/2 91 to sailor Heinrich Rose on the German Barque Kiandra/Kapitan Ahlers addressed care of Messrs. Cunningham in Christ Church who affixed QV 2d pmk'd CHRISTCHURCH 31 MR 91 for re-direction to Dunedin, reverse London transit, incoming Christchurch 30 MR 91 plus arrival, opened two sides, unusual.

1909 "work-in-progress" stamp size DIE PROOF in black for the 1d Universal Postal Union issue (SG.386).

SUVA, Fiji postmark on combination piece
dated 29 SEP 09 on Fiji KE7 1d, 2d x 2, 4d and New Zealand 1d piece, stained perfs.

1922 unusual mourning band cover to Holland
with 2 x Wellington 1d meter stamps and tax handstamp pmkd 12 JE 22.