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GREAT BRITAIN to TOBAGO postal history
1875 cover marked p. Royal Mail Steamer 2nd Dec. 1875" with GB QV 1/- green (rounded top right corner perf.) pmk'd HASTINGS "342" duplex dated E/NO 30 75 to James Hamilton, Scarbro', Tobago, b/stamped light TOBAGO JA 1 1876 dbl-arc arrival. Rare destination for GB surface printed covers.
On or about FE 28 1872 the twice monthly visit by RMS steamer was terminated, and no steamers called until the new contract of JA 1 1875 whereby Tobago was to have a single monthly visit by RMS steamer.

TOBAGO postal history
Sender address of K. Latour, Tobago on reverse flap on cover to Springfield, Ohio with pair KG6 3c pmkd Port of Spain SP 17 41, purple PASSED BY/(Crown) 12/POSTAL CENSOR ties brown tape.

15, Tobago postmark
used rural post on QV 1d (SG.21), soiled etc.

A14 used SCARBOROUGH, Tobago postmark
on QV 4d yellow-green CC wmk (SG.10, Cat.35).

P code, TOBAGO postmark
dated P/MR 9 92 on QV 1d carmine (SG.21).

TOBAGO stamps:
1879 Fiscal QV 5/- slate Crown CA wmk, u/m left-hand pane block of four showing vertical Row 6 duty plate set with dopped "I" in "LLINGS" variety, gum very slightly evenly mellowed.

14, Tobago postmark
used rural post on QV 1d (SG.21).

14, Tobago postmark
used rural post on QV 1d (SG.21).

18, TOBAGO rural postmark
boxed type of the 14, 15, 16 Tobago rural numeral series on Trinidad 1904 1d Britannia (SG.134). Only two excellent and two poor strikes known.
Numeral figures being 8mm high, not to be confused with the Trinidad Type 0.4 "18" used Princes Town which has numeral figures 7mm high.

HOPE, Tobago postal history
15 AUG 64 on QE2 12c rate cover.

TOBAGO postmark on St. Lucia stamp
arrival dated A/JY 5 01 on QV 1d (SG.44), unusual.

B/JY 18 00 on Trinidad 1d (SG.115).

s/ways up B/JU 12 8 on Trinidad 1d (SG.135).

14, Tobago postmark
used rural post on QV 1d (SG.21).

TOBAGO postal history
TOBAGO (20mm cds) C/NO 15 7 on KE7 2d PSRE with added 2d Seated Britannia to Washington DC.

TOBAGO "P" code postmark
dated FE 2(3?) 92 on QV 1d (SG.21).