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RMSPCo “PARA” (Colombian War of a Thousand Days, Spanish La Guerra De Los Mil Dias 1899-1903)
Colombia 10c rate cover pmk’d Cartagena FEB 20 1900 with purple handstruck "PARA" mailboat arriving Weymouth MR 15 1900. (Civil War between Liberals and mainly Conservative Government that resulted in between 60,000 and 130,000 deaths, extensive property damage and national economic ruin. The Liberal party represented the coffee plantation owners and import-export merchants, and due a drastic downturn in the international price of coffee many growers were operating at a loss by 1899. The Conservatives, suffering from reduced customs revenues, responded by issuing unbacked paper currency, causing the value of the peso to drop precipitously and war broke out, the first phase, lasting about seven months, ended with defeat of the Liberal forces at Palonegro on 25 May 25 1900. During the next two years guerrilla-style warfare raged in the rural areas being finally ended by the Conservatives offering amnesty and political reform on 12 June 1902). Michael Rego research shows that RMSP had no Atlantic main line packet link to South America and German vessels filled the gap from 1897 to 1914. The HAPAG monthly route during this period was Hamburg, St. Thomas, Trinidad, La Guaira, St. Thomas, La Havre, Hamburg. HAPAG ship Valdivia sailed from Colombia, Venezuela, Curacao for St. Thomas and landed there 1 March 1900. The mail from Venezuela for the UK was probably landed at Trinidad and transferred to Barbados for connection with RMS Para. The RMS Para left Southampton on a fortnightly service on JA 24 1900, landed Barbados FE 4 1900 for Jacmel, back to Barbados, Plymouth MR 15 1900. (In 1900 the RMSP no longer called at Colombia, Venezuela or St. Thomas, but stuck to a short time-table with main ports).

1887 use of Colombia 2c black/buff Post Card with full text headed "Nov 7 1887" to Buenos Aires, Argentina showing despatch, arrival and transit marks including handstruck JAMAICA/TRANSIT ("A" below middle of "M") supported by Kingston DE 5 87 sqc, some faults.

COLOMBIA postal history
1901 cover with pair 5c pmk'd at Honda SEP 10 1901 to Paris, France with two strikes JAMAICA/TRANSIT ("A" below middle of "M"), reverse Kingston 4H/SP 25 01 transit.

COLOMBIA to Bermuda postal history
1953 (JA 19) reg. cover franking pmk'd Barranquilla to Commander Bowie, St. Georges, Bermuda backstamped New York transit.

Return by RMSP "Tay" (28th home, arriving Falmouth MR 19), JAMAICA postal history
OCANA - SANTA MARTA - KINGSTON - LONDON: 1843 wrapper docketted from Marcelino de Pinillos, Ocana (Colombia) JA 2 with manuscript forwarding at coastal town Santa Marta on JA 20 with Q.B.S.M. (que besa su mano - who kisses your hand) with KINGSTON FE 16 1843 dbl-arc transit addressed Federico Huth, London (MR 21) rated 1/-, address panel soiled which would display opened in inverted position.

MUSTIQUE, St. Vincent postal history
San Andres Island, Colombia, Hotel Abacoa cover with St. Vincent 2c, 8c, 10c Bird definitives pmk'd */9 AU 72 to Miami, Florida. Exceptionally attractive.

arrival d/ring dated 2G/AU 9 03 on Colombia (Barranquilla issues) 20c lilac La Popa Hill with sewing machine perforations.
A unique exhibition item.

KINGSTON, Jamaica postmark on Colombia stamp
arrival dated IC/FE 5 94 on 10c, perf. fault.