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ANUM, Gold Coast postal history
1903 use of QV 1d PSE with added strip of three KE7 d to Dayton, Ohio, USA pmk'd four attractive strikes ANUM (T.5) cds dated DE 22 3, b/stamped Accra JA 1 1904 and Dayton JA 29 04. Very rare office and exhibition item.

APPAM, Gold Coast postmark
(T.2) C/OC 30 87 on QV 2d slate (SG.13).

SALT POND with manuscript markings, Gold Coast postmarks
(T.2) two copies on QV 1d (SG.12a) dated JA 4 88 and SP 8 89.

APPA, Gold Coast
(T.5) A/AU 21 91 ("16" for year) on QV 1d (SG.12a), creased.

MUMFORD, Gold Coast postmark
(T.2) A/AU 24 89 on "ONE PENNY." on QV 6d orange (SG.20).
Only three examples currently recorded on "ONE PENNY." on QV 6d orange (SG.20) being dated A/AU 18 89, A/AU 24 89, A/SP 6 89 (Ex Ashanti).

WINNEBAH, Gold Coast postmark
(T.2) C/JA 15 82 on QV 2d green (SG.6).

illustrated 5c UPU card written 30/4/05 and pmk'd SHIRAZ to Kwitta, b/stamped red London JU 3 05 and KWITTA JU 20 1905 cds.

USSHER FORT B.O. ACCRA, Gold Coast postmark/cancel
MY 9 1903 on QV 4d rosy-mauve (SG.16a), exceptionally rare on first design QV issues.

WINNEBAH, Gold Coast postmark/cancel
(T.2) dated C/OC 27 96 on QV 20/- (SG.25).

STANN CREEK, British Honduras to GOLD COAST
1955 mixed reign airmail cover with 72c franking pmk'd STANN CREEK 25 OC 55 to Kumasi, Gold Coast showing 4 NO 55 arrival, handstruck UNCLAIMED.
Enclosed letter mentions "Corozal one of the northern towns was completely destroyed by Janet".

BEYIN, Gold Coast postmark/cancel
(T.5) dated C/JA 19 3 on QV Keyplate 2/- (SG.32, Cat.42), seldom seen on this issue for all offices.

DANOE, Gold Coast postmark/cancel
(T.5) JAN 10 3 on QV 2d Keyplate (SG.28), rare on this denomination.

CLEARING HOUSE, Gold Coast postmark/cancel
(T.5) SP 30 99 on QV 6d Keyplate (SG.30).

BERRAKU, Gold Coast postmark/cancel
(T.5) dated MR 3 95 on QV 1d (SG.13).

KWITTA, Gold Coast postmark/cancel
(T.5) JY 16 96 on QV 10/- (SG.23).

PRAMPRAM, Gold Coast postmark/cancel
(T.2) A/MY 16 83 on QV 2d green CC wmk P.14 (SG.6), creasing.

B27 used QUITTAH, Gold Coast postmark/cancel
on 1879 QV d olive-yellow CC wmk (SG.4, Cat.40).

ADDAH, Gold Coast postmark/cancel
(T.2, 20mm) MR 8 78 on QV 1d blue CC wmk P.14 (SG.5), clipped perfs.

ADDAH, Gold Coast postmark/cancel
(T.2, 20mm) MR 28 79 on QV 4d magenta (SG.7).

CENTRAL OFFICE, Gold Coast postmark/cancel
(T.2) without dates on QV 6d (SG.17a).
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