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PAID AT BAHAMAS, Bahamas postal history
1953 OHMS stampless cover with HIS MAJESTY'S PRISONS, NASSAU JAN 10 1953 cachet and both PAID AT BAHAMAS crowned circle and Nassau 13 JAN 53 cds to Nashville, Tennessee.
("His" not changed "Her" possibly due QE2 not yet crowned)

PAID AT BAHAMAS, Bahamas postal history
1940 OHMS stampless cover from the Development Board with PAID AT BAHAMAS crowned circle and Nassau APR 2 1940 meter slogan to Miami, Florida.

PAID AT BAHAMAS, Bahamas postal history
1942 Nassau Daily Tribune envelope coupled with THE DEVELOPMENT BOARD departmental cachet dated MAR 18 1942 mailed stampless by EXPRESS DELIVERY with PAID AT BAHAMAS crowned Circle and Nassau 18 MAR 42 segmented circle to the Associated Press Correspondent in Miami, Florida, at left EXAMINED BY 3922 label.

BIMINI, Bahamas postal history
1921 Bimini Bay Rod & Gun Club (sender's printed flap) commercial cover to Lemon City, Florida with KGV 1d tied BIMINI (T.7 1, D3) 07 OCT 21 cds (unusual with "07" day set-up).

BLUFF, Bahamas postal history
1924 reg. Iremonger cover to Bristol with pair KGV 2˝d pmk'd BLUFF (T.7 1,D2) 25 SEP 24 cds.

DEADMAN'S CAY, Bahamas postal history
1915 reg. commercial cover with sender address to Montgomery Ward, Chicago with pair, single KGV 1d tied DEADMAN'S CAY 22 JAN 15 (T.7 1, D2) cds.

DEADMAN'S CAY, Bahamas postal history
1927 McFarlan cover to Downington, Pennsylania with KGV 1d pmk'd DEADMAN'S CAY (T.7 1, D2) 20 MAR 27 cds.

RAGGED ISLAND, Bahamas postal history
1917 commercial cover with sender address to Buffalo, New York with KGV 1d pmk'd RAGGED ISLAND sideways up B/28 MR 17 (T.1, D2) with boxed "NASSAU"/Tourist Season/Dec. to Apl. advertising slogan.

ALICE TOWN, ELEU, Bahamas postal history
1939 reg. cover to Lennards Ltd., Bristol with strip of three KG6 1˝d (SG.151) tied purple ALICE TOWN, ELEU temporary rubber datestamp dated JUL 10 1939. Opened on 3 sides due being commercial mail.

"AROUND THE WORLD IN THE QUICKEST POSSIBLE TIME", Jamaica and British Guiana postal history
1905 use of GB 1d carmine/buff Post Card pmk'd Derby JA 5 05 arriving Kingston, Jamaica JA 28 05 with 1d Arms pmk'd Kingston FE 17 05 arriving Georgetown, Br. Guiana 1 MAR 1905 with 2c pmk'd Georgetown 4 MAR 1905 showing Port Of Spain, Trinidad MR 6 05 and New York MAR 23 1905 transits before journey abruptly ended with San Francisco P.O./APR 14 1905/D.L. SECTION (Dead Letter) purple d/ring, alongside further purplish boxed handstamp with lower line reading "Returned from R.L.O." (town unclear) with black manuscript "Contrary to Regulations", corner damage but "around the world" entires rarely found incorporating the British West Indies.

NASSAU via PHILADELPHIA to LONDON, Bahamas postal history
1852 outer wrapper docketted "Nassau 13 Oct 1852" landed blue PHILADELPHIA OCT 30 showing "24" surface charge to New York (where it caught the Cunard steamer “Europa” to Liverpool) and black circled "5" for ship to The Rev. George Osborn, Wesleyan Mission House, London rated 1/- with 17 NO arrival backstamp.
In late September 1852 there was an outbreak of cholera in the Bahamas in which over a 1,000 persons died within a period of five months. The Daily Atlas described “Vessels in the harbour being crowded with people fleeing the scourge”. Also on NO 17 1852 the RMSP "La Plata" arrived Southampton “under melancholy circumstances” – nine dead on board and 21 taken ill during the voyage from the West Indies (Pratique 6/02)

KADJEBI, Gold Coast postal history
1951 use of KG6 3d PSRE with added KG6 1d, 2d, 2 x 1/- pmk'd KADJEBI */17 JY 51 cds to Detroit, Michigan, opened-out for display.
A postal agency under Hohoe, Togoland.

1863 entire written and postmarked London AP 1 63 with heavily cancelled GB QV 1/- green tied barred oval "12" to Messrs Barclay & McDowell, Jamaica backstamped Kingston-Jamaica AP 20 63 arrival.
New rates were set from London and the rate to the British West Indies was increased from 6d to 1/- per half ounce on AP 1 1863, RMSP "La Plata" departed from Southampton AP 2 1863.

NEW ZEALAND postal history
1870 mourning cover from the Reverend A. Stock to the Reverend E.H. Heywood, Cathedral Library, Auckland with the interprovincial rate paid by 1d pale orange-vermilion and 2d blue pmk'd Wellington "070" duplex dated JU 25 70, backstamped Auckland JU 29 arrival.
Reverend Arthur Henry Stock (1823-1901) was a photographer and the b/w photograph shows his house in the Te Aro district of Wellington.

BURNT GROUND, Bahamas postal history
1932 reg. cover to Tacoma, Washington with KGV 3d (SG.120) pmk'd BURNT GROUND (T.5, D2) */AU 22 32 cds, a rare office.

BAHAMAS postal history
1866 cover (with two conflicting dated cancels) to Charleston, South Carolina b/stamped BAHAMAS MR 9 1866/A dbl-arc with QV 4d Chalon pmk'd "A05" rated red "4" and landed N. YORK BR. PKT 5/MAR 17 with boxed "ADV/MAR 30/1865" and "UNCLAIMED" between horiz. bars with CHARLESTON N.C. APR 30 cds on reverse, surface hole in frontal paper stock adjacent to adhesive.
(On April 2 1865 the victory of Grant over Lee concluded the American Civil War).

ROCK SOUND Bahamas to Guatemala postal history
1923 underpaid cover from Wemyss Bight, Eleuthera to Guatemala with KGV 1d pmk'd purplish ROCK SOUND cds with indecipherable date with blue crayon tax mark and handstruck local charge "300" due, reverse Nassau 9 NOV 23 and NOV 30 receiver.

1927 reg. letter from Water Cay, Eight Mile Rock to Montgomery Ward, Chicago with 3 x KGV 1d pmk'd GRAND BAHAMA (T.3, D2) 12 FEB 27 d/ring with fleuron at base..
In 1926 a local mail service by small boat started from the island of Eight Mile Rock to Water Cay, 40 miles north with 150 inhabitants (Proud handbook Page 173).

MAURITIUS postal history
1868 cover with blue GALDEMAR FRERES, PORT LOUIS sender's cachet marked "per Mozambique" to G. Lafaye & Cie, Bordeaux, France with QV 4d rose, QV 1/- orange pmk'd "B53" with fine clear Mauritius A/MR 18 68 despatch cds alongside arrivals which can fully display.

SPANISH-TOWN/JA, Jamaica postal history
1809 legible entire written "Rock River 6th Janry 1809" from Robert Thomas to his merchant brother George Thomas in Dundee rated 2/3 changed 2/4 with handstruck SPANISH-TOWN/JA across flap, possibly held by tongs for disinfection by scorching. Contents include receiving his letter "on Christmas day while on military duty which we are oblige to perform for the space of ten days".
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