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PURE GOLD, Bahamas postal history
1927 commercial reg. cover with Daniel Danes, Pure Gold, Andros Island sender's address to Montgomery Ward, Chicago with 3 x KGV 1d tied PURE GOLD (ERD T.4, D2) 10 FE 27 cds.

POMPEY BAY temporary rubber datestamp, BAHAMAS postal history
1948 commercial cover with Mrs Delores E. Tynes, Pompey Bay, Acklin's Island sender's address to Kansas City, Missouri with KG6 3d tied turquoise ink POMPEY BAY (TRD 2C2, D1) temporary rubber datestamp of JAN 30 1948, reverse Nassau FEB 3 1948 machine slogan.

SPENCER'S POINT, Bahamas postal history
1912 cover addressed by local hand to a logging camp with KE7 1d pmk'd Nassau 16 APR 12 showing very fine SPENCER'S POINT (T.7, D2) 28 APR 12 arrival cds, two strikes of handstruck "UNCLAIMED" in purple and blank ink (each 39 x 5mm, same instrument).

GRANTS TOWN, Bahamas postal history
1927 "Good Samaritan Household of Ruth No. 427" sender address commercial cover to Philadelphia, USA with KGV 1d pmk'd GRANTS TOWN (T.5, D2) */8 MR 27 cds.

WEST END, Bahamas postal history
1935 "New Years Greetings From Bahamas" printed cover to Kingston, New York with KGV S. Jubilee 1d pmk'd WEST END (T.7, D3) 30 DEC 35 cds.

BAILEY'S BAY, BERMUDA postal history
1902 cover with ONE FARTHING on QV 1/- slate strip of five and two pairs paying the correct 2d rate to Nancy, France pmk'd BAILEY'S BAY B/JA 17 1902 d/rings with Nancy 29-1 02 arrival struck on upper reverse flap, minor faults.

BRITISH HONDURAS postal history
1935 commemorative cover for the birthday of H.R.H. Edward Albert, Prince of Wales (later KEVIII) addressed Boston, Massachusetts with KGV S. Jubilee 3c pmk'd Belize 23 JU 35.
King of the United Kingdom and the Dominions of the British Empire, and Emperor of India, from JA 20 1936 until his abdication DE 11 1936, after which he became the Duke of Windsor.

U.S. Patriotic cover BRITISH GUIANA to CANADA postal history
1944 U.S. patriotic cover to Signals Dept., R.A.F.T.C., Dorval Air Port, Quebec, Canada with KG6 4c x 2, 36c pmk'd Air Mail 25 FE 44, reverse back portion of I.I./8 censor label, boxed MAR 2 1944 arrival and sender address of R.M. Kelly, Chief Steward on a Motor Vessel (name indistinct), some faults.

"BOTH WAYS" with 1st and 2nd CLASS AIRMAIL, BARBADOS postal history
1964 unsealed window envelope pmk'd London =/6d meter cancel with handstamped blue "BY AIR MAIL 2nd CLASS" arriving Barbados 19 MY 64, the arrival backstamp partially cover as envelope sealed and returned with QE2 12c, 24c pmk'd 3 JUN 1964 slogan, and unusual "both ways" cover.

MAIL TO BUD ABBOTT and LOU COSTELLO, Barbados postal history
1950 cover to Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, M.G.M. Studios, Culva City, California with 2 x 1d Badge pmk'd GPO 28 FE 50 with handstruck red 2-line "UNCALLED FOR AT/METRO-GOLDWYN-MAYER", reverse Culver City MR 22 1850 machine cancel.

BARBADOS postal history
1905 use of complete d Seal newswrapper to Portland, Maine with design pmk'd A/MR 4 05, fine blue cog-wheeled oval LEACOCK & CO Shipping & Commission Agents sender's cachet.

OLD PLACE, Bahamas postal history
1935 cover to John Bethel, Nassau with KGV 1d (SG.117) tied OLD PLACE (T.7 II, D3) 15 APR 35 cds.

BERMUDA postal history
1902 OHMS ("His") departmental cover with colourless embossed "BERMUDA/(crown)/POST OFFICE" flap to St. Louis, Missouri with 3-colour franking of two pairs ONE FARTHING on QV 1/- slate, single QV d and 1d making the correct 2d rate, the second stamp showing the broken "G" variety.

1875 cover to William L. Kingsley, New Haven, Connecticut with GB QV 2d rosy mauve pmk'd London AU 2 75 duplex showing New York Paid All, forwarded with U.S. 3c green to Keene Flats, Essex County, New York arriving AUG 14.

MARSH HARBOUR, Bahamas postal history
1935 cover to The McCarrie School of Mechanical Dentistry, Philadelphia, USA with KGV 1d strip of three tied MARSH HARBOUR (T.5, D4) */AP 30 35 cds, full transit backstamps.

NEW SOUTH WALES postal history
1876 cover to New Haven, Connecticut, USA with QV 6d pale lilac pmk'd Sydney B/JA 14 76 with handstruck red circled "PAID ALL" (with fleurons applied Sydney) showing San Francisco FEB 14 transit, no arrival backstamp.
The Postal Convention of FE 1 1874 between USA and NSW established the use of PAID ALL handstamps at Sydney on mail to San Francisco. Queensland and Victoria did the same when their conventions became effective in 1876 and 1879. Their use continued until the Colonies joined the UPU in 1891.

NEW SOUTH WALES postal history
1878 double rate cover to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA with QV 1/- black pmk'd Sydney C/FE 28 1878 with handstruck oval purple "PAID ALL" showing red San Francisco MAR 28 transit, b/stamped APR 4 arrival.
The Postal Convention of FE 1 1874 between USA and NSW established the use of PAID ALL handstamps at Sydney on mail to San Francisco. Queensland and Victoria did the same when their conventions became effective in 1876 and 1879. Their use continued until the Colonies joined the UPU in 1891.

DOMINICA to GUADELOUPE postal history
1926 use of Formula PSRE with added KGV d, 3d to the Station Agronomique, Pointe-A-Pitre, Guadelope pmk'd GPO OC 6 26 showing Basseterre 7 OCT 26 and Pointe A Pitre 8 OCT 26 arrival backstamps, overall toning and 3d stamp defective.

IBADAN, Lagos postal history
1902 cover to George Bell & Sons, Covent Garden, London (a book publishing house) with pair QV d dull green (SG.21) tied IBADAN B/MR -- 1902 cds (no day slug), backstamped Lagos B/MR 3 1902 and London MR 27 02.

PAID AT BAHAMAS, Bahamas postal history
1939 uncensored Nassau Daily Tribune envelope coupled with TREASURY departmental cachet dated OCT 6 1939 mailed stampless with PAID AT BAHAMAS crowned circle and Nassau OCT 6 1939 meter slogan and segmented d/ring cds.
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