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Bacchus Marsh "15" travelling on ill-fated S.S. "Emeu", Victoria postal history
1857 cover marked "via Marseilles" (deleted for Southampton routing) with QV 6d orange tied "15" with red London Paid DE 7 57 on address panel (after 122 280days), reverse Bacchus Marsh and Melbourne JY 28 1857.
Sent on the S.S. "Emeu" (under charter of the Australian Royal Mail Co.) which left Sydney on September 11 bound for Suez, but stranded on October 22nd in the Red Sea, on the Guttal el Bunna, a coral reef 120 miles from Jeddah. She was refloated the following day and beached for repairs near Duber Dubb finally reaching Suez on the 3rd November, the mails however having been transferred to the P.&.O S.S. "Madras" which reached Suez on the 19th November (16 days after the "Emeu"!). Paid for delivery in Southampton the cover was sent from Alexandria on the P.&.O "Ripon" arriving December 7th.

1889 use of QV 1d UPU Post Card with added QV d to Germany pmk'd St. Lucia C/MY 30 89 showing London A I/JU 22 89 transit and Bremen 23 6 89 arrival, both address and text in pencil with some harsher creasing top right corner.

1848 entire headed "Grenada 28th June 1848) and marked "p. Palestine" from Ousley (usually a surname) Rowley to James Rose, Edinburgh rated "8" landed with (London) SHIP-LETTER, AP 28 and AP 29 1848 arrivals.

1876 printed blue flap of The Commercial Bank of Australia/Geelong marked "p. Albion" to Napier, New Zealand with QV 2d pmk'd Geelong "2" duplex dated 3 X/NO 22 76, neatly b/stamped Melbourne 4 A/NO 23 76 and Napier 6 DE 70/L.

TRANSVAAL to ARGENTINA (gold mining period)
1894 use of 1d PSE with added defective 1d pmk'd Pretoria 25 FEB 94 additionally tied by red London MR 8 94 transit, reverse text headed by an unidentified 'camp' (purity, survey?) with Cape Town D/FE 28 94 transit and Buenos Aires AB 15 94 arrival, central vertical crease.
Gold was discovered on the Witwatersrand, in the Transvaal, in 1886. Thousands of white and black South Africans were employed on the mines by 1890. Even though the Transvaal gold mines were the richest in the world they were the most difficult to mine because the reefs lay so deep underground. The gold had to be mined by shafts as opposed to open mines, like diamonds.

GRENADA sans-serif dbl-arc (only 4 known)
(T.8) part contents wrapper to Major General Sir Robert Houston KGB in Clerkington, near Haddington rated 1/-, top flap displays GRENADA AU 27 1850 without code dbl-arc, London SP 19 and blue Haddington SP 20 arrivals. The other three examples are dated AU 9 1847 without code, NO 7 1848/A, and MR 10 1849/A, the instrument was sent out from GPO, London MY 1 1847 during the lifetime of Type A11 so clearly a separate duty was planned. These intermittent strikes came during the life of the GRENADA serifed dbl-arc (Type A11 proofed GPO London AP 5 1844) recorded period JY 25 1844 to OC 29 1857 and as a backstamp on early GB used Grenada entires.
Major General Sir Robert Houston KGB (1780-1862) was a British military officer in the service of the East India Company, the fifth son of Andrew Houston, a wealthy Scottish banker and merchant in the West Indies.

ANUM, Gold Coast postal history
1903 use of QV 1d PSE with added strip of three KE7 d to Dayton, Ohio, USA pmk'd four attractive strikes ANUM (T.5) cds dated DE 22 3, b/stamped Accra JA 1 1904 and Dayton JA 29 04. Very rare office and exhibition item.

APPAM, Gold Coast postmark
(T.2) C/OC 30 87 on QV 2d slate (SG.13).

TSINIANFORT (status uncertain) on British Honduras stamp
dated 26/8/88 on 1891 5c on 3c on 3d red-brown (SG.49).

K3a "15", Bermuda postmark
on 1866 QV 2d dull blue CC wmk (SG.3), shortish perf. at top.

SALT POND with manuscript markings, Gold Coast postmarks
(T.2) two copies on QV 1d (SG.12a) dated JA 4 88 and SP 8 89.

1875 cover with red crayon "Registered" to Mead & Son, London with 8c pink, 24c green (4d reg., 1/- postage) pmk'd "A03" and additionally tied red London reg. oval dated 28 AU 75 with blue crayon "51" changed "34", reverse superb intact BRITISH GUIANA POST OFFICE GEORGETOWN wax seal with Georgetown AU 15 75 d/r and London AU 28 75 arrival. (Holcombe cert.), Ex BRASSLER, VIVIEN SUSSEX, FREELAND.
For the 1860-75 'Ship' issues period only two covers are recorded sent registered, the other locally addressed dated JY 9 69 to the Lunatic Asylum, Port Canje, Berbice. A third cover dated DE 7 70 sent with 24c green to Edinburgh was forced into compulsory registration on reaching London as marked "Coin".

14 used Mooi River, Natal postmark
(Type G) on 1861-62 QV 3d blue No wmk (SG.12, Cat.40).

DISTRICT COMMISSIONER, STANN CREEK, British Honduras fiscal cancel
part fiscal strike part dated 8 AP(R) on colour washed 1907 $1.00 (SG.91, Cat.130 postally used).

K3a "7", Bermuda postmark
on 1880 QV d stone (SG.19).

K3 "4", Bermuda postmark
on 1866 QV 2d dull blue CC wmk (SG.3), str. edge at right.

K1 "13", Bermuda postmark
on 1865 QV 1d pale rose CC wmk (SG.2).

7 used ST. JAMES, Barbados postmark
on 6d chrome-yellow P.12 (SG.70), corner perf. fault but rare on this issue.

STANN CREEK framed oval of 6 lines, British Honduras postmark
(KD1) the obliterator portion of the rare TRD on "2 CENTS" on QV 1d (SG.37).

16 used Rose Belle, Mauritius postmark
on QV 8c on 2d (SG.85).
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