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OFFICIAL PAID, Barbados postal history
1902 OHMS Agriculture Department wrapper to Edinburgh pmk'd A/FE 15 02 open bootheel duplex.

BERMUDA to St. Lucia postal history
1933 (FE 9) underpaid "Panton" (name erased) cover to Castries with d Caravel pmk'd Paget, tax handstamp and St. Lucia 2d Postage Due added and tied 15 FE 33 cds.

1938 reg. cover to Noumea, New Caledonia with Guadeloupe 40c, 1f 75c pmk'd Basseterre 18 OCT 38 arriving Noumea 20 DEC 38 (backstamp), re-directed to the French Consul, Sydney, New South Wales with Nouvelle Caledonie 50c, 2f pmk'd Noumea 16 FEVR 39 showing 23 FEB 39 arrival (backstamp). An exceptional combination of countries.

BERMUDA to Libya postal history
1952 (MY 6) petite cover to Homs, Tripolitamia with KG6 1d pmk'd CRAWL with hand-drawn "T" tax mark, on arrival 5 mils, 10 mils Postage Dues added and tied HOMS, MISURATA 14.5.52 segmented d/ring, cover opened 2 sides.

BERMUDA to Nova Scotia postal history
1934 (JA 20) Gray & Smith, Barristers & Attorneys cover to Halifax with d Caravel pair, single pmk'd Hamilton machine, backstamped Warwick St. Annex. N.Y.

1933 Panton cover to Georgetown with Bermuda d Caravel tied Paget 9 FEB 33, taxed with Cayman KGV d pair, 1d added as postage dues tied Georgetown MR 1 1933 d/ring cds.

EGYPT to BERMUDA postal history
1944 National Bank censored cover with 2mils, 20mils pmk'd Cairo 19 OC 44 to Hamilton.

A TECHNICALLY ILLEGAL LAST SAILING USE OF GB QV 6d, St. Christopher postal history
1860 cover front to Macclesfield with left flap, small portions right and lower edges irredeemably folded back and held with hinges (now browned) with GB QV 6d neatly tied "A12". The left fold has been prized open to show ST. KITTS MR 28 1860 dbl-arc and manuscript "posted too late", no indication of arrival. Use of the GB QV 6d alone on cover at St. Christopher is must scarcer than expected, currently I only record 7 items. No attempt has been made to improve the flap but with care it could be restored.
The expectation is that this "cover" was held over until the next sailing on AP 11 1860 and would have provided an interesting situation as on AP 1 1860 control of the West Indian Post Offices was officially transferred to local authorities, and GB stamps after that date were not technically permitted. The red ST. KITTS/PAID handstamp being used until St. Christopher provided itself with their own postage stamps (first supplies invoiced FE 14 1870). Use of the red ST. KITTS/PAID on AP 11 1860 is illustrated and described Brian Brookes sale lot 148 (Spink JA 23 2018).

15/9/79 VILLAGE MANUSCRIPT, St. Christopher postal history (Ex URWICK, ROBERTS, BROOKES)
1879 cover to Cathrine Muir, Charles Town Dispensary, George Town, Demerara with QV 1d magenta pmk'd "15/9/79" at one of the rural offices with QV 6d green pmk'd APMY cds with ST. KITTS SP 16 79 despatch alongside, soiled and faulty edges, large part flap lost in opening, partial Georgetown arrival backstamp. Ex, URWICK, TV ROBERTS, BROOKES.
British Guiana had an interim UPU rate AP 1 77 to AP 1 79 and during that period mail from St. Christopher (as a non-UPU member) would have been 6d. At the time of posting this letter both would have been full UPU members (St. Christopher having joined the UPU JY 1 1879) and postage should have been 4d. However there must have been confusion on the part of St. Christopher as the rural 1d surcharge was contrary to UPU regulations, and it is felt that the continued use of the 6d rate, ten weeks after joining, was an overhang.

The "1d GALLE SURCHARGE", New South Wales postal history
1874 cover "Ellora via Galle and Brindisi" to Lower Norwood, Surrey, England with NINEPENCE on QV 10d, QV 1d pmk'd Sydney D/MY 15 74, reverse London JY 10 74 arrival. Edge tear at top, soiling.
When the new P&O contracts came into force in 1874 NSW refused to contribute to the P&O service because Melbourne was made the mail terminus, and because NSW favoured the route via San Francisco. To use the route via Melbourne and Pt de Galle NSW had to pay a fee to Victoria based on the number of letters sent by that route. In order to defray that expense, and also to discourage NSW writers from using the route, a 1d surcharge was added to the 9d rate via Brindisi from February 10th 1874 to May 27th 1875.

BERMUDA postal history
1938 (JA 1) foolscap cover from David Tucker, Parliament Chambers, Hamilton (printed flap) to Aberdeen with KG6 franking pmk'd Hamilton, tax handstamps with GB 1d, 5d, 1/- Postage Dues added and tied on arrival, central fold.

BERMUDA postal history
1943 (AP 7) foolscap cover to Capt. J. Parr, Army & Navy Club, London with KG6 franking pmk'd Hamilton, tax duplex 420 centimes with GB 1/-, 2/6d Postage Dues added and tied on arrival.

BAHAMAS to Bermuda postal history
1952 (AP 4) Bahamas Supply House foolscap cover to Bailey's Bay with KG6 6d pmk'd Nassau, taxed with POSTAGE/8d/DUE handstamp added on arrival.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC to Bermuda postal history
1953 (FE 24) cover to Paget East with 1c, 7c,10c franking pmk'd Ciudad Trujillo, reverse Paget arrival.

ITALY to Bermuda postal history
1931 (FE 2) Princess Hotel, Bermuda printed flap cover with 15c, 30c x 2, 50c franking pmk'd Porto D'Ischia, Naples to the Princess Hotel Bermuda, no backstamp.

ARGENTINA to Jamaica missent Bermuda postal history
1951 cover with 5c x 2, 35c, 1 peso pmk'd Callao 16 JUL 51 to Jamaica with red str. line "MISSENT TO BERMUDA", reverse crisply struck Hamilton 12 SEP 51 and Morant Bay OC 3 51.

BERMUDA postal history
1948 (AP 28) cover with pair, two singles Great Britain KG6 2d Royal Silver Wedding pmk'd Gosport, Hants to Hamilton, tax handstamp and handstruck "4d" due on arrival.

BERMUDA postal history
1937 cover with "LADY RODNEY" cachet to New York with 3 x KGV 1d Silver Jubilee pmk'd Hamilton 1 JUN 37, stamps with faults.

BERMUDA to Puerto Rico postal history
1942 (NO 5) with C./8133 and 1943? (OC 10, last digit year has rounded top) with C/ 8133 labels and KG6 7d frankings pmk'd Hamilton to San Juan, tax 210 Centimes duplex on each, both with reverse corner poor opening.

BRITISH GUIANA to Bermuda postal history
1954 (MY 19) mixed reign franking reg. cover to Warwick with KG6 6c, 24c and QE2 4c (34c reg. rate) pmk'd Airmail cds.
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