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1937 commercial cover with purple ELIAS GEORGE, The NEW LEBANON STORE, Roseau sender's cachet on flap to Kettering, Northants with KGV 1d pmk'd Roseau */10 JU 37.

TRUE BLUE (Crooked Island) temporary rubber datestamp, Bahamas postal history
1952 cover from Senorita G. Moss on Crooked Island to The Voice of Prophecy, Nassau with KG6 1d (SG.151a) tied TRUE BLUE (TRD 3C, D1) dated APR 12 1952, some cover edge crumpling.

ORANGE CREEK (Cat Island) temporary rubber datestamp, Bahamas postal history
1950 printed card from Harold. S. Poitier on Cat Island to the Bible School, Nassau with KG6 1d (SG.151a) tied purple ORANGE CREEK (TRD 3C, D1) dated OCT 16 1950.

K3 "3" used INLAND ISLAND, Bermuda postal history
1888 cover to West Bend, Wisconsin, USA with QV d stone, pair QV 1d rose-red (SG.20,23) tied INLAND ISLAND K3 "3" duplex dated A/JY 11 88, reverse with New York and West Bend cancels. Currently a unique combination.
With the arrival of the QV d stone issued on MR 25 1880 the 2d rate to the USA, actually 2d, introduced OC 3 1876 could now be met and Bermuda was no longer obliged to suffer the d loss on half ounce letters. The INLAND ISLAND duplex was expected to cease its use with the introduction of the K4 "3" on JA 1 1889. During the period MR 25 1880 to DE 31 1888 only two covers from Ireland Island to the USA are currently recorded, the other with QV d plus 2d dated JA 6 1888.

BARBADOS postal history
1879 locally addressed cover to J.G. Carter, Thurbun, St. Philip with 1d grey-blue (SG.74) tied Bridgetown open bootheel duplex dated A/JA 2 79 showing BARBADOS 3/JA 02 79 (M2-O) arrival alongside address panel, flap removed.
Thought one of only two covers to St. Philip with this Parish arrival cds, the other has the arrival as backstamp.

1911 large part cover to Headly Dalton (or Patton), Kingston, Jamaica with d brown strip of four (one stamp facially damaged) tied two strikes purple boxed "EAST END/Grand Cayman./RURAL/Post Gollection." temporary rubber handstamp with BODDENTOWN JU 28 11 d/ring backstamp. On arrival eventually "ADVERTISED" and "UNCLAIMED." with red RETURNED LETTER OFFICE, JAMAICA d/ring dated 25 SE 11. Full of character, Ex MARSTON, PODGER.

Nebik, SYRIA to ST. CROIX postal history
1945 cover to Fru Lawaetz, Lille La Grange, Fredericksted, St. Croix , The Virgin Islands, USA with Syria 25c Aircraft and 25c Army Fund stamp pmk'd NEBIK 16.3.45, printed CONTROLE label and F. Sivertsen sender name on reverse.
The Lawaetz family migrated from Denmark in 1890. The Little La Grange Farm was established in 2015 to operate as a working organic farm and St. Croix's Lawaetz Museum.

HOTEL VICTORIA UNCLAIMED, Great Britain (Isle of Wight) postal history
1890 cover to Mrs. Greenwood, Hotel Victoria, Northumberland Avenue, London with GB QV 1d lilac (16 dots) tied VENTNOR "971" duplex dated C/DE 22 90 with purple d/ring oval HOTEL VICTORIA /UNCLAIMED/RECEPTION BUREAU alongside, reverse framed "Not called for/W.C", manuscript and dated initials, and London DE 22 90 and JA 1 91 cds.

TURKS ISLANDS postal history Ex HEARN and Ex HART
1873 cover to C.W.& W. Gray in London QV 1/- dull blue (SG.6) pmk'd "T.I" with both TURKS-ISLANDS JA 15 1873 despatch dbl-arc and red London 14 FE 73 receiver alongside. Ex G. LEONARD HEARN (1960) and Ex RALPH HART (1978).

1962 airmail cover to Belmont Road, Barbados with QE2 8d Flamingoes pmk'd GRAND TURK A/16 AP 62 d/ring, on arrival forwarded to Mt. Edgcombe, Grenada with handstruck "T" tax mark appended green ink "8c" alongside and Grenada 8c postage due tied SAUTEURS */MY 11 62.

CONSIGNEE ENTIRE landed GRAVESEND SHIP LETTER, British Guiana postal history
1827 entire headed "Demerary 22nd Nov 1827" marked "Letter per Consignee's of Produce per Brig Anastasia" to Sandbach Tinne & Co., Liverpool landed with framed SHIP LETTER/GRAVESEND and rated 1/2 changed 1/7, contents include copy of manifest of shipment for London showing bales of cotton, coffee, also mention of the arrival of the "Caesar" and small list of shipments.

M.V. "Staffordshire", Great Britain (Devon) postal history
1957 cover to the Fourth Officer, M.V. "Staffordshire", Brixham & Torbay Coaling Company re-addressed London with GB QE2 1d, 1d tied Budleigh Salterton 9 MAY 57, handstruck "SIP SAILED", slightly soiled.

RYDE SHIP-LETTER (Isle of Wight), Jamaica postal history
1843 entire headed "Westmoreland Jamaica May 1st 1843" to London rated "8" landed with RYDE/SHIP-LETTER, top flap displays London L/31 AU 31/1843 arrival (123 days transit confirmed by clear docketing notes).
An ongoing current survey of about 1,400 private ship letters landed at UK ports show only 5 other entires landed at Ryde, Isle of Wight period 1818-1828 (from British Guiana (2), Jamaica, St. Vincent, Tobago), this currently being the only known from the BWI group, landed Ryde, with the all-inclusive 8d per half ounce ship letter rate to UK introduced JA 7 1840. Private ships do not sail home unless a full cargo was on board, and sometimes traditionally would call on the not far away eastern seaboard of North America on the homeward route. It is likely the vessel was a bark (barque) named STANDARD, owned by Booker & Co. (built in 1830 of 306 gross tons), which arrived in the Isle of Wight on August 30th 1843. Additionally ship letters can be delayed by days sometimes weeks waiting for cargo, and a letter posted in Westmorland to Kingston could wait several days before sailing, unlike a Packet letter.

CODRINGTON, BARBUDA postal history
1981 reg. cover to Celle, Germany with 20c x 2, ovp'd Antigua $1 pmk'd CODRINGTON 22 JAN 81 cds, fine boxed BRANCH OFFICE BARBUDA reg. h/stamp.

TRINIDAD postal history:
1850 part content entire to John Thomas Carr, Stella House, Newcastle upon Tyne unusually marked "Port of Spain Nov. 11/50" on address panel with TRINIDAD NO 11 1850 dbl-arc showing delayed arrival DE 13 1850 and Newcastle on Tyne DE 14 1850/A rated 2/- unpaid.. Contents include mention of two book sellers on the island and "I take orders for any sort of book (unless it is something grossly immoral in intention, or abominable in personalities - happily nobody has so far whispered a wish for such things from me" and also a reference to "The Order of Jesu" using hypocrisy and practicing the vilest deceit.

OVERLAPPED FRANKING, Montserrat postal history
1970 OHMS foolscap cover with MINISTRY OF FINANCE cachet to the Crown Agents, London with overlapped franking of 1c x 20, 2c, 3c x 6 (40c rate) pmk'd GPO Plymouth machine dated 17 NOV 1970.

1946 cover to The Postmaster, Pitcairn Islands with KG6 d, 1d pmk'd 22 MY 46 with PITCAIRN ISLAND POST OFFICE arrival d/ring dated 4 AUG 46.

1953 cover to John Havers, Purser on the Carnarvon Castle, Cape Town Docks with boxed purple "UNCLAIMED/ON BOARD/23 NOV 1953/"CARNARVON CASTLE" re-directed both Dunnothar Castle and to Durban with KG6 2d pmk'd Cape Town 21-11 1953 machine, reverse purple Durban Agency of the Steamship Line cachet dated 27 NOV 1953.

BRITISH GUIANA to MADEIRA postal history
1915 cover with Mandel Fernandes, Water Street, Georgetown sender's cachet on flap to Jose Maria de Faria, Funchal, Madeira with KGV 1c, 4c pmk'd Georgetown 7 AUG 15 cds, reverse Funchal 5 SET 15 arrival.

1948 cover intended for Captain. E. W. Hensen on the S/S Alcoa Roamer care of the Alcoa Steamship Company in Mobile, Alabama with KG6 2d x 2, 6d (11d rate) pmk'd GPO Grenada 10 DE 48, presumed no longer working for the company as purple "Missent to ......." handstamp applied, backstamped light Spring Hills, Ala 14 DEC 48 machine.
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