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1859 cover with GB QV 1d, 6d pmk’d “A03” dated DEMERARA A/MR 11 1859 to Dieppe, France showing London AP 5, AMB Calais, Le Havre A Paris, and Paris 6 AVRIL transits. Flap removed by recipient to show his hand-written notes re content.
Only one other GB QV 1d, 6d combination is recorded dated JA 23 1860 ex Paramaribo via Demerara to Dunkerque

"54" used JAFFNAKACHCHERI, Ceylon postal history
1883 QV 2c brown complete Newswrapper with added QV 2c pale brown (SG.146, creased) tied "54" numerals to The Catholic Mission, Lyon, France with JAFFNAKACHCHERI PAID JU 30 83 cds, red framed TOO LATE and red MODANE A PARIS 31 JUIL 83 d/ring alongside.

"33" used UDA PUSSELLAWA, Ceylon postal history
1883 opened for display reg. mourning cover with superb intact UDA PUSSELLAWA/(crown)/POST OFFICE wax seal on reverse to The Vicarage, Fremington, North Devon with QV 4c rosy mauve x 3, QV 24c green tied "33" numerals with NO 9 83 PAID cds alongside, some faults.

ANTIGUA postal history:
1887 cover to South Brooklyn, New York with QV 4d blue CA wmk (SG.23) neatly pmk'd ANTIGUA A/DE 20 87 cds, delightful appearance.

1859 cover with GB QV 1d pair, QV 6d pmk’d “A03” dated DEMERARA A/JU 25 59 to Dieppe, France re-directed to 47 Avenue des Champs Elysees, Paris showing London JY 19, AMB Calais 20 JUL, Le Havre A Paris 22 JUIL transits. Flap removed by recipient to show his hand-written notes re content.
Thought to be a unique GB used abroad combination (use of 8d rate to France is confirmed by double rate entire (1/4d) from same correspondence bearing GB QV 4d, pair QV 6d dated OC 10 1859.

The currently unique trio of “C51” (used St. Thomas) on QV 1d Pine wmk, the unrecorded on GB used abroad “D60” (whereabouts of use unknown, RPS certificate) on QV 6d Pine wmk, and “E88” (used Colon) on QV 2d CC wmk. Similar to the accepted use of Trinidad stamps at Ciudad Bolivar, it is now thought that Jamaica stamps may have had permitted or accepted use on correspondence back to the island – see Foster Page 31. (A red ink “D63” is also recorded on Jamaica QV 6d Pine wmk). The "D60" illustrated Parmenter & Gordon handbook Page 3 / 52

1841 business entire from Messrs. Stewart & Westmoreland, London to Alexander Logan, May Hill P.O., Manchester, Jamaica initially marked “Paid” and rated “8” with red PAID SHIP LETTER/(crown)/17 DE 17/1841/LONDON, but with the “Tweed” leaving for her West Indies station the following day the entire changed to “p. packet” and duly rated 1/- (unpaid) prior precise inscription of “By Ship” (no R.M.S. prefix as the R.M.S.P.Co not officially up and running) and “Steamer Tweed” arriving as a “ship letter” as handstamped KINGSTON SHIP LETTER (SL3) dated JA 17 1842. An exceptional first page item of R.M.S.P. Co. postal history showing all the intricate detail of “first ever” mail carried by the company to the West Indies.
The R.M.S.P. handbook by Kenton & Parsons notes on Page 10 that the Tweed “carried some Ship letter mail to Jamaica and Arr. 17/1”

ST. VINCENT stamps:
1883 DLR QV 1d drab ovp'd "Revenue" with OVERPRINT INVERTED (PML.9), the only example showing clear date of "31/12/83", minor blemish one perf. tip. Only four examples from a single sheet of 60 stamps are currently known to have survived.
The three other examples dated "15/12/83" (faults, Peter Jaffe lot 537), "15/12/83" (fine), and "29/12/83" (illus. PML handbook Page 147)

1875 unique cover with temporary re-introduction of the broken "A 9" numeral obliterator (Type H "A79" with "7" missing); two strong clear strikes on 2 x QV 1d blue Crown CC wmk (SG.8) addressed Bules Penn, Four Paths Post Office, Clarendon with KINGSTON MR 11 75 transit alonside. Reverse with manuscript "Mt Charles 11 Mar 1875" written top left corner and central poor FOUR PATHS MR 15 75 arrival. Arguably one of Jamaica's greatest rarity covers and a great exhibition item. The "A79" (H) was allocated to the Richmond Post Office (St. Mary Parish) and only one cover is known dated FE 2 1866. Shortly after this date the instrument became damaged as a differing format replacement "A79" (Type J) is known used at Richmond AU 7 1866 (just five months later). Robert Topaz in his 1967 rarity guide recorded no examples damaged "A 9" on Pine wmk issues, but recorded the "A 9" on CC wmk 1d, 2d, 3d, 4d, 6d each described as very rare and each allocated his highest pricing of £270 each in his 1981 pricing guide.
The Mount Charles Post Office (St. Andrews Parish) was opened September 15th 1874.

TRINIDAD - an exceptional destination cover to Malta
1871 cover to the Very Revd Father Philip, Franciscan, St. Mary of Jesus, Malta with undenominated (1d) scarlet, and difficult to read by gas-light value tablets 4d bright violet, 1/- lilac-rose (SG.69c,70,73a) each neatly tied by very fine strikes upright type 0.2 “6” numerals used at Arouca. Bagged at Head Office with red TRINIDAD PAID dbl-arc dated SP 8 1871 and showing London Paid 30 OC 71 transit, red crayon 1/4, and black handstruck “VIA MARSEILLES” for onward transmission. B/stamped clear 6/SP 8 1871 despatch cds (applied Arouca) and fine A/MALTA/OC 10 71 arrival cds. A most attractive three colour combination, and one of Trinidad’s finest destination covers for the classic period. Ex Sir John MARRIOTT.
Note: Type 0.2 '6' shows distinctive break midway left side. No examples Type 0.2 '9' have been established. With the arrival of new colours 4d grey and 1/- chrome (sent JY 13 1872) the impractical gaslight combinations of similar coloured mauves, purples and lilacs came to an abrupt end.

1885 completed fabricated cover showing why the PAID AT NEVIS Crowned Circle was used on pairs QV ½d dull green and singles QV 1d carmine (SG.25,27a) during the period 9/12/83 to 9/9/86 (dates taken from village manuscript markings on loose stamp overstruck with the Crowned Circle): 1885 cover addressed Chas. Hill Esq., English Harbour, Antigua with genuine QV 1d carmine superbly tied full upr. bogus PAID AT NEVIS Crowned Circle to uprate to 2½d for the under 300 mile inter-island rate (with further strike alongside) additionally showing bogus NEVIS A/DE 12 85 despatch cds alongside address panel. B/stamped further bogus NEVIS A/DE 12 85 cds and what is now considered extremely dubious ANTIGUA/ A/DE 14 85/ ENGLISH HARBOUR cds (note that this is the same date as found on the E.V. Toeg cover bearing 8 x QV 1d to Sherring, Bristol with RPS certificate). The author being aware that genuine strikes of both the Crowned Paid and Nevis cds have an oily appearance at this time has cleverly used his paint brush to simulate the oily stains within the Nevis despatch cds and soiled the cover at top left for good measure. (Shortages of the 2½d adhesive were highly probable at this time as only 1080 copies 2½d red-brown CA were invoiced AU 10 82 followed by 5100, 5100, 5160 copies of the 2½d ultramarine on NO 6 83, MY 21 84, AU 7 84). No genuine covers with the QV ½ds or single QV 1d with PA

C38 used CALLAO, PERU to JAMAICA postal history:
Combination cover with Peru 1868-72 1d green, GB QV 6d pale buff (assumed Plate 11), GB QV 1/- green Plate 6 (SG.Z43, Z53) tied "C38" cancels addressed John Small, Port Maria, Jamaica with 3-line PANAMA/3 AP 1873/TRANSIT plus pencilled "2" on face, b/stamped A/CALLAO/MR 26 73, Kingston IIIA/AP 8 73 and Port Maria C/AP 9 73 cds. Cover soiled with peripheral base tear and GB QV 6d with pale colour. A UNIQUE FRANKING TO JAMAICA.
This Peru 1 dinero was cancelled "C38" from stocks held at the British Packet Agencies to comply with the tax on all outgoing mail.

VIRGIN ISLANDS temporary rubber datestamps postal history
EAST END and ROAD TOWN, the unique side by side combination of temporary rubber datestamps both dated 4 JUL 1907, the latter in purple, on Ursula ½d Post Card to Islington. Exceptionally clean and exciting exhibition item.
No example of the ROAD TOWN TRD has been found on loose stamp, the only other example known is on the reverse of envelope from same correspondence when writer sent the Post Office Order enclosed in an envelope from EAST END with TRD cancelling adhesive on face.

Montserrat 1866 QV 1d pale rose INLAND REVENUE on unissued vertical laid paper, a generally fine and fresh IMPERFORATE sheet (on the provided cut ungummed and unwatermarked paper) showing a misaligned printed impression of the unit of six stamps and sheet numbered 259 at top left. Slight creasing but the only printers preparation sheet known as such.
Sheets 1-250 made up the actual consignment of 3,000 stamps (250 x 12) on horizontal laid paper, Sheets 251 to 259 are the printer's preparatory or set-up sheets and the stamps thereon, with vertically laid lines, were never issued. Their survival represents a near unique opportunity to see how a classic issue was born

1866 QV 1d pale rose INLAND REVENUE on unissued vertical laid paper, a generally fine and fresh IMPERFORATE complete sheet of twelve stamps showing the two units of six stamps laid down but BADLY ALIGNED within the full marginal inscriptions including One Penny Each - One Shilling per Sheet. at base (changed on issued sheets) on gummed paper sheet numbered 256 at top left. Trace of rusty paper clip at top which probably had a note attached re the two corrections required. Some slight creasing. Note: The initial delivery is thought to be Sheets 1 to 250 making a total of 3,000 stamps being issued on horizontal laid paper with base inscription reading One Penny each - One Shilling per Sheet. - the change from Each to each being made at preparation stage due Victorians being fussy about incorrect grammar. Only three imperforate sheets (numbered 256,257,258) are currently known with the original "Each" setting, and each showing differing adjustments to the lining up of the two units. Morley in 1910 reported the existence of these stamps on vertical laid paper but both Britnor (1965) and Robson Lowe (1990) were unable to confirm their existance in their handbooks. Sheets 251 to 260 are therefore printer’s unissued preparation sheets. The "Each" error was not noticed by philatelists until 2001 (135 years later!).


VICTORIA to NEW BRUNSWICK postal history:
1867 cover to Cambridge, Queens County, New Brunswick marked "via Marseilles by Travelling Post" with QV 1d grass-green, QV 2d lilac-grey, pair QV 6d blue (1/3d rate) tied Richmond OC 28 67 "71" duplex. Melbourne OC 28 67, London DE 14 67, Saint John JA 2 68, Gage-Town JA 4 68 cancels. A rare destination.

NATAL postal history
1902 reg. cover to Cradock with 7 x QV 1d (SG.99a) tied P.O.A. 91 numerals, b/stamped Durban MR 6 1902, flap tied by stamp selvedge and marked "Reported" with initials to show registered mail has extra sealing (stamp selvedge), staining on reverse.

CAPE TOWN unique code "D" Temporary Rubber Datestamp, Cape of Good Hope postal history
1882 to Kimberley, Diamond Fields with 3d pale claret (SG.39) pmk'd "1" barred oval numeral with superb CAPE TOWN CAPE COLONY temporary rubber datestamp for D/JA 4 82 alongside, flap removed clear of JA 9 82 arrival cds.
Putzel Volume 2 Page 78 confirms the existence of four other examples of this TRD. These are all found backstamping covers for JA 1 82 to JA 6 82 but with code L.

TRANSVAAL to a gold mining company in London postal history
36 used EUREKA KAAP GOUDV., (T.6a) in blue on pair ½d grey, 2 x 2d olive-bistre cover dated A/27 AP 93 to a Gold Mining Company in London.

VIRGIN ISLANDS postal history:
1889 OHMS cover to London with 4d chestnut (SG.35) neatly tied TORTOLA C/AU 14 89 cds. Thought to be one of only two UPU rate single franking entires known for this issue. Superb quality and exhibition item.
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