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VIRGIN ISLANDS temporary rubber datestamps postal history
EAST END and ROAD TOWN, the unique side by side combination of temporary rubber datestamps both dated 4 JUL 1907, the latter in purple, on Ursula d Post Card to Islington. Exceptionally clean and exciting exhibition item.
No example of the ROAD TOWN TRD has been found on loose stamp, the only other example known is on the reverse of envelope from same correspondence when writer sent the Post Office Order enclosed in an envelope from EAST END with TRD cancelling adhesive on face.

CAPE TOWN unique code "D" Temporary Rubber Datestamp, Cape of Good Hope postal history
1882 to Kimberley, Diamond Fields with 3d pale claret (SG.39) pmk'd "1" barred oval numeral with superb CAPE TOWN CAPE COLONY temporary rubber datestamp for D/JA 4 82 alongside, flap removed clear of JA 9 82 arrival cds.
Putzel Volume 2 Page 78 confirms the existence of four other examples of this TRD. These are all found backstamping covers for JA 1 82 to JA 6 82 but with code L.