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Manuscript "No 6/E C B/21.4.77" used Fyrish, British Guiana postmark
a very fine upright example dated "21.4.77" on 1876 2c orange CC wmk (SG.127), slight thinning hinge area.
The CCB code cds used Fyrish was lost during 1876


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Coded E 3 C, British Guiana postmark
(1st Series) dated DE 28 1857 overstruck dated portion partial BERBICE dbl-arc for DE 29 1857 on 1855 4c pale blue (SG.20, Cat.600), wide margins but downward scissor cut top right corner resulting in small portion stamp missing.
The dented circle does not seem to fit with known examples A 3 C for the 1855-1858 period

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