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CHATEAUBELAIR, St. Vincent postmark
C/JY 31 06 on KE7 1/- (SG.90), exceptionally rare on this denomination (Ex Straus collection).


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COMMENDI (recently discovered), Sierra Leone postmark
(027.00, 24mm, tall letters) */AP 2 25 (ERD) on block of six KGV 1d (SG.132), top left stamp with corner facial fault. Evidently short-lived and the finest (by far) of the two dates recorded.
Office opened 10th March 1925. ERD for Commendi (027.01, 24mm, broader letters) is */22 MY 25.


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V.R. AY. ELIAS, Cyprus postmark
(T.21) on QV ½pi (SG.40), stunning and exceptionally rare.
An equally fine strike on QV ½pi facing 8 o'clock described as "only 2 or 3 copies known" in Warwick & Warwick Sale 378 (June 3 1992) was estimated £200 and realised £525 plus 10% buyers' premium


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KABINKOLA, Sierra Leone
(058.01) dated */JY 5 16 on KGV 1d (SG.113a). Exceptionally rare office.
The few examples known being recorded period */MR 24 16 to */JY 5 17. The Proud handbook illustration taken from this example.

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