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K1 "4", Bermuda postmark
on 1865 QV 1/- green (SG.8).

K1 "6", Bermuda postmark
(5mm) on 1865 QV 1d rose-red CC wmk (SG.1).

K1 "9", Bermuda postmark
(6mm) on 1866 QV 2d dull blue CC wmk (SG.3).

K1 "2", Bermuda postmark
on 1865 QV 1d rose-red CC wmk (SG.1), some wrinkling.

K1 "1", Bermuda postmark
on 1865 QV 1/- green (SG.8), short-lived as replaced by B/1 handstamp.

SPARTA, British Guiana postmark
(T+H Type 2, but no examples recorded when the handbook went to print), very fine dated APR 4 1880 on 1876 2c orange CC wmk (SG.127), exhibition quality.
The discovery example (magnificent full upright) was found in the Derek Nathan collection dated MAY 24 1880. A third full strike dated APR 4 82 facing 3 o'clock is recorded, plus a very poor 70% full smudgy example showing clear "S" and weak "P" dated MAY 19 1880 (sold for 65).

STANN CREEK framed oval of 6 lines, British Honduras postmark
(KD1) the obliterator portion of the rare TRD on "2 CENTS" on QV 1d (SG.37).

K1 "15" used Crawl, Bermuda postmark
part strike showing only the "5" portion on 1865 QV 1d pale rose CC wmk (SG.2).

APPA, Gold Coast
(T.5) A/AU 21 91 ("16" for year) on QV 1d (SG.12a), creased.

K1 "9", Bermuda postmark
(6mm high) on 1873 QV 3d yellow-buff (SG.5).

MUMFORD, Gold Coast postmark
(T.2) A/AU 24 89 on "ONE PENNY." on QV 6d orange (SG.20).
Only three examples currently recorded on "ONE PENNY." on QV 6d orange (SG.20) being dated A/AU 18 89, A/AU 24 89, A/SP 6 89 (Ex Ashanti).

K1 "13", Bermuda postmark
on 1865 QV QV 1d pale rose CC wmk (SG.2).

3 CONCENTRIC CIRCLES (used San Estevan), British Honduras postmark
the "killer" portion of the rare San Estevan TRD duplex on 1888 "3 CENTS" on QV 3d red-brown (SG.38),

BERBICE, British Guiana postmark
dbl-arc dated OC 4 1860 on 4c blue (SG.33, Cat.75). Ex DUPONT

K1 "11", Bermuda postmark/cancel
on 1866 QV 2d dull blue CC wmk (SG.3), trimmed perfs both top and left sides but one of the most difficult numbers in the K1 series.

MAURITIUS - boxed "R" (bulbous top, straight leg) postal history
QV 2c Inland Post Card to Port Louis with adhesive pmk'd "B53" B/JY 12 79 duplex, reverse with pristine early strike of the black boxed "R" showing traces of the outer circular rim (see Ibbotson page 117).

MAURITIUS - boxed "R" (narrow top, dancing leg) postal history
Text headed "Rose Belle 23 October 91" on QV 2c Post Card to Port Louis with design pmk'd "B53" duplex dated OC 23 91, alongside superb strike black boxed "R" (see Ibbotson Page 117).

NICOLLS TOWN mailbag seal, Bahamas postmark
an exceptional strike showing almost all of the lettering on QV 2d (SG.52). Rarely seen.

COROZAL, British Honduras postmark
(SC-1) dated JY 14 04 on QV 50c (SG.62, Cat.75.00). Unusual on this denomination.
The KE7 50c (SG.90) issued during 1907.

1868 cover to the Gas Works, Adelaide with QV 6d tied Sydney H/FE 26 1868 duplex showing GPO Adelaide N/MR 5 68 arrival alongside. Smaller faults but a scarcer inter-colonial destination.
Reverse docketted "G.C. Clark, Sydney 24 Feb 68 - didn't authorize sale of instruments."
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